Only a Doll

We always want what we can’t have.

Sophia came to the Order’s Dollhouse for very specific things; to be undressed, made up, and re-created as a doll.

She would arrive in a whirlwind of messy hair, jeans, and ill fitting blouses and in an hour’s time she would look like the others; poised, pretty, and perfect. Hair pulled back tightly, skin even, lips cherry red, eyes made huge with rims of kohl and shadows and the trickery of brushes and color. read more

The Girl in the Beret

She came to the bar a lot, usually alone. She was post college aged, dark hair, dark eyes, very good posture, she radiated awkwardness. She had a sort of uniform, tight high waisted black jeans, cropped blouses which were often striped, and a black beret.

The bar was called Harry’s. I came to there to people watch. It was a little Lower East Side place, not a dive exactly, just a sort of local bar that somehow survived the various waves of trend and gentrification.

It was a good place to catch bits of characters. Regulars, couples, tourists, artists, drunks, weirdos. The girl in the beret nursed a glass of wine and read. read more

First Day of School

It was the Sunday before “the big change.”

After years of working at an office job she hated, my Julie was going to back to school full time to finish her master’s degree.

The shift to a “one income household” really wasn’t that much of a big deal. We didn’t have kids and I was doing well, plus she had been saving up for years. read more

Feast of Fools

In dreams. It was in dreams that I heard the command to awaken. It must have been, since when my eyes did open, I was alone.

In the dark of my bedchamber I rose and felt immediately assaulted by the chill of the winter night. The fire had grown low and only a small red glow of embers lit one corner of my room.

I knew from the fire’s waning and the pitch black outside the window it was still the small hours, not yet near dawn but well past the witching hour. read more


10/3 As per your instructions, I laid down after work, before I had dinner. As I said in my texts, my sex drive has just been pretty low since the summer ended. Still I did what you said. I read the story you sent me. It felt nice to not think about it and just follow the list of rules you gave me.

I did things slowly. I admit, there was something comforting in knowing I wasn’t going to come. I could just sort of linger and touch all the different parts of my body. There was something almost meditative about it.

After I read your story I closed my eyes and pictured the last time I went over your apartment. I pictured your hands on my body, on my throat. I certainly felt something, though it was dull. Like my body out of practice. read more

Spanksgiving Anthology

I have a story in a new anthology! My spanking tale Giving Spanks is the first story in the Spanksgiving anthology, edited by Lori Perkins. Get it at Riverdale Avenue Books. 

Thanksgiving…the sexiest time of the year..NOT!

Thanksgiving needs a marketing do-over. It should be the sexiest time of the year when you consider that we get four full days off from work, too much good food and drink, football, left-overs, binge-watching, and the intoxicating rush of shopping, either in the flesh or online, for presents for others and yourself. And maybe even a trip back home to rekindle old flames. read more


She was okay with being naked. She didn’t mind walking past my open windows or if I snapped a picture of her every once in awhile. I liked that. I liked how much she enjoyed her body, lounging and showing off her curves without a hint of the embarrassment that is drilled into women. But the pigtails made her mortified.

It was funny how she tried to talk me out of them, explaining how sexy she looked with her hair down or up or this way or that.

“You said I could have you any way I wanted,” I started seriously, though I was holding a pair of rabbit ears. read more

Friendly Examination

It started in such a simple and silly way. A bunch of us were out, in a crowded bar, huddled in small groups so we could hear each other, and the topic of grooming came up.

Kimberly tended to be the quiet one in our group and because of that I always tended to gravitate to her, to try and include her in conversations, to try and pull her out of her shell. Plus she was adorable, with a round cherubic face, large expressive eyes, big cupid bow lips, and the habit of covering her mouth when she laughed.

She was always made up so well, beautiful clothes, hair perfect, makeup on point. I asked how long it took to get ready before going out and she said sometimes hours. read more