I was 20 cycles old when I got my first ship. My father did “The Long Run” just before I was born. Ten years from Mars high orbit to various mining colonies and then on to Io and back. He missed my early childhood, but came back with one million credits.

I always wanted to make the long run. There was a certain devotion it took and a certain respect you got if you made it, plus the money of course. As much as I longed for the money and the adventure I was also afraid. There were these nightmares, dreams where I was out there in the inky blackness alone. I’m in a walksuit and I have enough oxygen and water for a few days, but I am out in the big black, the space between the edge of the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter. Hundreds of millions of kilometers from any outpost. Not even a remote chance of being saved.

That’s why I vowed never to go up alone.

Her name was k8. You pronounced it like the old Euro name Kate. She was a rich girl from Earth. The Free City of Macau. Her parents were two wealthy men, one from up in the place that was called Iceland before the wars, the other from the Chinese High Orbit State.

She had perfect skin, like all the rich girls from Earth, very pale pink with little freckles here and there. She had huge eyes, big and bright and unusual, being that I haven’t seen many girls with blue eyes and epicanthic folds. She had a laugh that was infectious and such an easy charm. Everyone liked her and I fell in love with her after our first meeting.

I was flying the small mining trade routes then. Celes to New Perth, here and there. She wanted to go to Mars. It took two months to get there in that orbital position, but almost a year to get back. She promised me almost 50k, which was enough money for me to make the long run to Io. She knew it was my dream. I thought I could convince her to come with me in those two months.

In long voyages a ship is more than a person’s home, it’s their world. She helped form that world we lived in for two months. We flirted a little. I was shy and she was a lot smarter then I was, being raised on Earth and all. She knew I loved her, but she had plans that were bigger then some freight runner.

Two weeks in she came to me in the night. Her smile soft and almost motherly. She unzipped her flight suit and I saw her perfect body. Her breasts were small, but pert. The curve of them made my heart hurt with need. Her nipples were large with puffy aureola that fascinated me. I worshiped her body, kissing every inch of her until she pushed me away laughing and out of breath.

Her sex was soft coral pink, like her lips and nipples. I loved the taste of her. I loved everything about her. Yet even as I lay there, with my lips still wet with her I knew she would leave.

And she did.

She gave me 61k. She said she didn’t want the money because it was from her father. I didn’t know what that meant really, but I took it. My heart was broken, but my goal was there. The Long Run was there. The extra 11k made it so I didn’t have to go alone.


Al, that’s what she called herself, was about 25 cycles biologically. She became like a mother to us all. She liked to clean, maybe a little too much. She was a little OCD about the whole order thing, but she was warm and sweet to us all.

Bee was about 21. She was very quiet. She liked to make holo art and play all kinds of music for us. She was like a little bird, so sensitive and fragile.

Dee was 19. She was the most energetic. She made up strange games for us all to play and danced around. She always got into trouble with Al. She was also the most… well… kinky. She had an interesting mind that one.

And Meg… Meg was 19 too, but acted older than the rest. Out of all of them she reminded me the most of k8. She was brilliant and was just as good of a navigator as I was, if not better. And she loved me, she really did. They all loved me in their own way, but Meg was… special.

Really and truly they weren’t clones of her. Rich girls from Earth have nano security kissing every cell in their bodies. Encrypted DNA. They were just as close to her physically as a medium grade clone tech could get from the holos I took of k8 on my ship.

The psych stuff I got out of a catalog. I tried to mix it up a bit, but I put in as much of k8 as I could find. A recording of her laugh, even the sounds she made… little whimpers and moans..

It was lucky for me that k8 wasn’t shy, so I even got shots of some of her most important parts on the holo cam.

These were not cheap, they weren’t workers or slaves. These were high grade companion clones. 4k each, though I got a deal on four. Legally they could only live on my ship and certain stations. As long as they were in my ship, they were mine. And they were programmed to be ok with that.

They were programmed to love me and never leave me the way she did.


“We’re going to be clear of the asteroid belt tomorrow, Smith.” Meg said to me, her eyes searching mine to see how I felt.

“After that it’s the long black void. Nothing until Io.” she continued, turning to face the console in front of her.

I nodded. “Nothing but us.” I said walking to her and slipping my hand around her waist.


In the night Dee came to me with Meg not far behind. The two of them were the closest. As they came in I could hardly tell them apart, both sets of blue eyes were gleaming mischievously, though no ones eyes could ever look as mischievous as Dee’s and no eyes could ever look as full of love as Meg’s.

“Don’t get up.” Meg said softly. “We want to put on a show for you.”

Meg laughed. Her laugh was so close… close to the laugh that came from the same mouth so long again. It stung a little in my chest, but I knew that unlike k8 Meg loved me.

The two identical girls kissed. Pouting lips on pouting lips. There were interesting things about the two of them, like how rough they seemed to be with each other. I asked Meg about it once and she explained that they knew each other’s limits so well that it was easy to be rough. They knew how hard ‘too hard’ was, so it was easy to go just hard enough.

I held back, they said. I was always afraid of hurting them.

Dee pulled Meg’s hair back and dragged her teeth across the exposed neck. Meg’s breath caught. Dee unzipped Meg’s fight suit and then her own. I sat up in my bed, but they both glared at me. I wasn’t supposed to move, only watch. That was the game.

Dee cupped her sister’s breasts and kissed down her chest taking one nipple into her mouth and then the other. Meg’s eyes closed as Dee peeled off first her sister’s flight suit and then her own.

Naked, their skin reflecting the soft bluish starlight coming in from the large windows of my bedroom, it was a masterpiece.

Dee pushed Meg down, twisting her around and holding on to her hair again, until they were in a sort of doggy style position. Dee looked at me and smiled, bringing one hand up to her mouth and sucking on two fingers.

“How many fingers should I use?” she asked in a little girl voice. She liked to play like a little girl.

“Three.” I said, my voice cracking a little.

She smiled darkly and licked a third finger, then she moved them down and rubbed them against one of her puffy nipples and then down the ass of her duplicate and finally slipping them into her sister’s sex.

Meg’s head went back as her sister finger fucked her from behind. She held her hair and pulled harder as she fucked her, knowing how Meg liked a little pain. Then Dee turned again to me and motioned for me to stand up.

“Get on the other side of her… I want to see her pretty lips sucking cock.”

I stood, almost falling out of the bed. I walked over and slipped out of my loose sleep pants. I was painfully hard, watching them play in front of me. Meg looked up at me and her eyes had that look she got when she was in that zone, in that place where she was being possessed by her sister. It was one of her favorite places to be.

She leaned down and then I was engulfed in the wet heat of her mouth. Dee pushed her sister towards me, finger fucking her harder and making her almost gag against me. Dee watched me. She always liked to watch me fuck, liked to imagine what it was like to penetrate someone. She told me I should have had her grown as a man. I think she was mostly kidding, but maybe not.

“Stop.” I said abruptly and she did.

Dee smiled at me, but Meg just panted, looking down.

“Meg, lay down with your legs hanging off the bed… Dee, you come stand by me.”

They did it, a rush of movement and Meg was laying there, still sub eyed and hungry for what was next. Dee stood next to me, her soft breasts pressed against my arm.

“Dee, get behind me and put your arms around me… I want you to fuck her. Take my sex in your hands… guide it in… I’ll move when you move.”

Dee got behind me in a flash. She was shaking with excitement. She pressed her breasts against the smoothness of my back and it felt amazing. Then her hands gripped the base of my penis and she pressed her hips forward, which pushed me forward a little. Meg watched in awe.

I leaned forward, Dee’s thumbs pushing the head of my penis down, and then slipping it over her sisters sex, wetting the tip and then pushing across her clit. Dee slipped her hand around the middle of my cock and positioned the head right at her sister entrance. She purred against me and then bit my shoulder a little.

“You’ll really let me fuck her?”

I turned and caught her lips in mine.

“You both say I never do it hard enough… so go ahead. Show me how.”

Dee smiled and sucked my bottom lip, then looked down with concentration in her eyes and pushed me forward, letting my aching hardness slip into her twin’s sex. All three of us groaned.

From the corner of my eye I saw Bee. She liked to hide, she was a voyeur. I let her watch from the shadows. Al never joined in these games. She came to me alone, though sometimes she came to Meg.

Dee pushed me half way in a few times, then she spit in her hand and wet the shaft of my cock before pushing me all the way in. I leaned over Meg, letting Dee put her arms all the way around me and grab her sister’s hips. I let her guide my thrusts and she ground her legs and crotch into me forcing me to fuck Meg harder and deeper. the whole time she whispered “I’m fucking her. I’m fucking her so hard…”

I felt myself reaching the edge as Dee let one hand reach behind me and I felt her violently rubbing her sex, trying to come with us. She reached up and held the base of my cock as I continued to fuck Meg, her fingers getting wet with her sisters juices as she fingered herself.

I heard little cries from the shadows of the corner and I knew Bee was with us too and then I came hard. Meg spasmed beneath me as Dee cried out behind me.

It went on like that for seconds that seemed like hours and then everything was still and we all curled up into a heap on the bed, even Bee joining us in our naked tangle. We all fell asleep in the arms of love.

end transmission.

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