Writing Prompt – Our Stop

For the writing prompt “outdoors” though being a city boy this was as outdoors as I tend to get. I wrote this in bits and pieces. I do love my iPhone and the ability to write on the go. One more prompt that I think will be a continuation of this one.

We got off the train and wandered around the Lower East Side for a while before we found it. Neon signs and beautiful people. We were blatant as we walked, never letting go of hands, my arm moving around her when we stopped. There is something about catching someone’s eye when you have a beautiful girl on your arm. We found our way through the Little Italy, shuffled through Chinatown, the whole time holding hands and cooing like pigeons in heat.

We only knew it was the place by the bouncer outside. It was some secret swanky bar. We walked into amber light and the buzz of conversation. There was a speakeasy charm to the place, I liked it right away. We were led to a booth and she sat next to me, not across from me as people usually did. The waitress locked eyes with me for an instant and I smiled.

Lucy was dangerously close to me, our legs rubbed together, my hand pressing against the light fabric of her dress, occasionally finding the line of her panties under the material and fingering it. She was a cat, pushing against my hand to make the most of every stroke as I pet her back and then her leg.

“Can I kiss you?” she asked sweetly, awkwardly. “Would that be bad?”

“Horrible” I said and moved towards her. Her lips were always hungry. She descends into kisses, her whole body submitting, she turned into a rag doll. I have to stop, she will drag me in and I will have to have her, right there.

Looking around the dimly lit club I saw all sorts of people. Somehow I imagined more people touching, kissing, something. It was a sexy place, it was a Friday night. What was wrong with these people? They were all chaste and so I tried to move away from her a little, to keep my cool.

We drank, we ate, we talked about old movies and new books. We flirted the way lovers do, the immediate intimacy of people who have done unmentionable things together. I took her there because I thought it was romantic and sexy. I realized a few minutes in that the chemistry was so strong I could have taken her to a dinner and we would still be all over each other. When the check came we bolted, got a cab.

We sat down in the taxi and her dress was already hiked up. My hand landed naturally on her leg. I’d done things like this before, kissing in the back seat, but this seemed so much more blatant. Her legs spread open, her mouth opening a little as my hand moved up her naked thigh.

Her thigh was wet, that’s how soaked she’d been. I fingered the edge of her panties and she pushed herself against my fingers. I eyed the rear view mirror and the drivers was still looking forward at the road. I pressed against the thin fabric of her panties and felt her wetness like a little pool right where the lips of her sex opened. Her clit was already hard and thick. She closed her mouth tight to hold in a moan.

She grew even bolder under my fingers, spreading her legs wider and slipping lower in the seat. Her dress pulled up so I could see her panties. I watched passing cars, looking into peoples eyes as I toyed with her. I needed more contact, I pulled her panties aside and slipped my finger against her. The heat and wetness was shocking.

Now looking down, her waxed sex was bare, my fingers were wet and exposing more of her. It looked so much more obscene and sexy in the street light. The cars that passed by next to us were all level with us so no one could really see her legs and the show I was getting until a mini van taxi pulled up beside us as we stopped at a traffic light and a blond woman in her early 20s looked right into my eyes.

There was a casualness to her glance, she was just looking around. She studied my eyes for a second, then moved down at Lucy’s face which was partially covered in shadows but was open mouthed and closed eyes. The blond’s eyes moved further down and I can only imagine her eyes landed right on Lucy’s bare wet crotch, which was pushing up off the seat and right onto my hand.

Lucy was lost at sea, it wasn’t even worth telling her. My finger slipped into decadent slickness. Slickness my cock would be would be slipping into soon. Two fingers snuggly fit and she put her leg over mine and made a fist in my shirt.

I was used to being the shocking one, but this was bad enough to make even me blush. I wasn’t sure if I should cover her, I didn’t know what the blond would do. She just watched though, biting her lip a little. Our eyes met once or twice, but we were both focused on something much more interesting. I moved my hand away for a moment, pulling Lucy’s panties further to the side, giving the blond more to see. If there were any doubts I had in her ability to see what I were doing they disappeared as she leaned forward to look at Lucy’s splayed sex. Just then the blond’s cab pulled forward. I watched as she strained to see from a car-length ahead of us.

I realized we’d been stopped for a few minutes now and the cars around us were honking, not at us but at something ahead of us. There was an accident or something and none of the cars were moving. I had to stop, though. If we weren’t moving the driver would see.

Maybe I really just wanted to torture her. Making her cum in the cab seemed almost too much. Playing was sexy, pushing it would be gauche. We would have time enough for everything. For now I moved my lips to her ear and told her who was watching her. I told her what I was going to do to her, how I was going to fuck her. She whimpered under my words almost as much as she whimpered under my fingers.

She sat up like a good girl, looking out the window, trying to stay in control. It was still 80 blocks home and a lot could happen in 80 blocks.

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  1. I only just found this last Friday, and its so addictive! I cant stop myself from coming back here! Never thought I’ll enjoy that sort of stuff.,Descovering that hidden part of me…i love it

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