Writing Prompt – Spanking

A story about spanking

She’s all woman, my girl. Curved hips and soft breasts and hungry lips and all. She’s well read and well spoken and full of such wonderful surprises. She’s experienced. She’s experienced in the way that can scare boys off, but men know better.

She’s all woman, but with a little sigh and a forlorn look, with a turn of her foot and a bite of her lip she is a little girl. When she looks up with those doe eyes and bats those lashes my hands ball into fists and I feel myself harden.

She doesn’t say anything, she just looks down. Her quivering lip makes me lose my faculties. It’s such a sweet and simple little turn. Not even a role, just a look, just a bit of feigned innocence, some little spice that makes everything hotter, dirtier and more forbidden.

When she crawls over my knee she is shaking like a leaf. She squirms when her skirt is pulled up and she is murmuring things I can hardly hear. “I’m sorry” and “Please, don’t hurt me.” little whispered details and pouting pleas that make it hard to concentrate on what I’m supposed to do.

The reaction in me is strange. I want to cuddle and hold her, protect her from the world. I want to push her down and make her squirm and cry. I want to take her hard and fast, do something primally forbidden and desired all at once.

I bite my lip as I squeeze her ass and then brush my fingers over the curve of her. That skin, so perfect and soft. It waits for my hand. It seems to ache for my hand. It looks naked without the red of my hand print.

I used to start soft, build up. I know her now, how resilient she is and how much she can take. I start with three sharp hard smacks to wake her up. Her whole body tightens and she tries to squirm away, her body suddenly alive with movement instinctually trying to protect herself. I hold her down hard. “Please!” she cries out, her eyes closed and her ass thrust up. Another and another on the other cheek hard, my whole hand on her hitting that sweet spot, ringing out and echoing. More, faster, harder and then I stop.

I’m panting. She’s writhing. Her ass is bright red and I sooth it, petting it with the softest of touches. Her skin is fever hot under my fingers and I can feel the slightest outline of the last smack, the skin swollen from the pain. Then my hand moves down to where her legs part. It’s only then that I feel the real effect of the spanking. She is soaking wet, almost alarmingly wet. I hadn’t touched her until then, it was only the spanking that got her that wet. She arches her back as my finger slips in just a little. She is so hungry for it, she is making little pouting sounds and whispering “Please”.

“Are you supposed to squirm?”

She whines and whimpers and pouts. “Noo… I’m sorry.”

Another three spanks, my fingers wet with her.

Then I set upon her. Two of my thick fingers twisting into her as she tries so hard not to squirm. So wet it is easy to finger fuck her like this, from behind watching her red cheeks clench as my fingers push in and press down, down until I feel that little spot. Curve my fingers down and she lets out a raw moan.

I spank her as I do it, then squeeze her ass. I spank her again as she bucks against me and and I feel her tighten and I can almost feel her orgasm like it was my own as I watch and hear her explode.

Then she is still and the only sound is her panting and I turn her around and pull her so she is sitting on my lap all cuddled up against me and I kiss her cheeks and nose and trembling lips.

I want to say more, but I can’t. I just kiss her. I feel overcome. She hugs me tight and we just breath, our heads leaning together.

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  1. Groan. Sigh. Melt. I’m a puddle of warm feelings and damp panties. It feels like a night I want to have over and over again.

    You did this prompt some dangerous justice.

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