Step Sister’s Secret – Part 4 – Graduation

It was Sara’s graduation. David had been dropped off at the house that morning, but hadn’t seen his step-sister yet. He drove with his parents to the little college he’d graduated from years ago. Sara had been there all day helping with the decorations and so on. Through the throng of black cap and gown clad fresh faced college kids David struggled to see his step-sister, but couldn’t find her before the ceremony began.

“She’s going to make a speech, you know. She really turned around in the last couple of years. Switched her major to Creative Writing, wrote for the news paper, even won some poetry awards,” his mother said with pride.

“I thought she was kind of unfocused the last time I visited. It sounds like she really got motivated.” David commented, still trying to find her in the crowd as they sat down.

“Well, she got it into her head that she wanted to move to the city, so she started doing all these extracurricular activities and doing internships and networking. I guess it worked, because she said she already got a job at a magazine,” his father noted.

The ceremony was just like every other graduation. Boring speeches by monotone professors. David almost fell asleep twice, until his mother bumped him on the shoulder. “This is it, this is Sara!” she whispered excitedly.

She stood at the podium, too far for David to see in detail, but close enough to make him hard.

“In life a lot of us can feel…” she scanned the audience for a second, then finding her family she locked eyes with her step-brother. “unlucky.”

David swallowed, his mind racing.

“We may think we are unlucky…” she paused looked at David again before looking down at her speech again. “but we have to realize that we make our own luck in life. We have to go out and take the things we want and do the things we want to do. We can’t let other people dictate what we should want in life and we should let nothing stand in the way of getting what we want. So I stand before you today telling you that you need to go out there after you graduate and take what you want from the world. Don’t let anything stop you. Thank you.” She finished and walked off the stage as the polite clapping sounded.

“That was a rather.. strange speech. Positive, though,” David’s mother said, but David couldn’t hear her.

“She knew,” were the only words David could think of at that moment.

Getting out of his parent’s car he wasn’t sure what to expect. Sara was waiting on the steps of the house and David’s parents hugged her and congratulated her as David stood awkwardly in the distance. Eventually they went inside and David was left on the porch with his step-sister.

Two years since the last time he saw her and Sara looked nothing like David remembered. Her hair was a dark chocolate brown and cut in a short a-line bob, longer in the front then it was in the back. Her style of clothes changed too, gone were the multicolored leggings and bangles. She was dressed in dark brown skirt and a nice button up short sleeve blouse. Her glasses were more mature too, dark brown cat eye glasses like a 50’s librarian. She looked like a college graduate, but under that she looked like Sara.

Walking closer, David saw that some of the baby fat had burned off, though she was not thin like he was, she was buxom and curvy like her mother was. Her hips flared out and her breasts made her shirt buttons strain a little at the center of her chest.

She looked sad, but she was trying to smile.

“Hey, smelly,” she said, moving in for an awkward hug. He hugged her gently, but she squeezed him hard for a long minute. “I missed you,” they said almost at the same time and then they both laughed.

They said nothing about “unlucky,” they just stood in silence, starring dumbly and talking guardedly about the year until their parents called them in for dinner.

Dinner was the same as it always was. Their mother looked a little older in her eyes and David and Sara could both tell she was sad that soon both of her children would be gone.

“That was a lovely speech, don’t you think David?” his father asked.

David choked on his water and nodded. Sara looked away, embarrassed and David smiled as he bit into a piece of bread.

David’s father spoke up, “Sara, honey, your graduation was very- it was very,” he grasped for the word “dignified.”

“That means long and boring.” David translated and all laughed.

“Well speaking of long and boring, Mom and Dad are going to Mr. and Mrs. Goldman’s annual eight hour barbecue tomorrow to hear bad jokes and eat rancid potato salad,” Sara said rolling her eyes.

“That was one time!” their mother said in protest. “And you two are excused from coming. We are going to play bridge and we don’t want children pestering us.”

David shook his head. “See Sarah, we both graduated from college and we are still kids.”

“You’ll always be kids to us,” their father said with corny pride.

In the kitchen David washed the dishes and Sara came in to help dry them. The stood there, the awkwardness stifling.

“So… this is pretty… weird, huh?” Sara said with a laugh.

David almost dropped a glass and nodded. “Yeah… I guess you figured it out huh.”

She nodded and David noticed she blushed.

“I thought you said it was.. inappropriate. Us talking about my stories,” Sara said with a shy and yet very sneaky grin.

David shrugged. “It is. Maybe I just felt like being inappropriate.”

Sara moved towards him and took a dish from the sink, drying it with a towel. David swallowed hard, the proximity to his step-sister making him jittery.

“David, Sara… we’re leaving. Don’t stay up too late,” said there father and then they were alone.

Sara stood close to david, drying another plate. “So what do we do now?”

David’s heart was pounding.

“I- it might be better if we didn’t talk about this here.” he said, shaking a little.

She sighed. “What are you going to email me about it? Nevermind David, I guess I will go to bed.”

David wanted to stop her, but the fear and the guilt where there again. She turned around and went up to her room.

The next day David woke up late. He showered and shaved and dress in a quiet house, aware of a strange jittery nervousness inside of himself. After he finished breakfast he saw Sara come in the front door and walk up the stairs. He followed, climbing the stair after her and reaching her as she opened the door to her room.


She turned around and smiled. “Hey sleepyhead. I just went to the library, I was going to ask if you wanted to come, but you were dead to the world.”

They walked into her room and she deposited a pile of books on her desk.

She was wearing a dark brown button up shirt and a dark green and brown plaid knee length skirt. Her legs were covered in long argyle socks, but just up to the knees. Her hair was in a ponytail and her lipstick was dark. She looked mature and very beautiful. She smiled in a sad and melancholy way and sighed deeply. She straightened the books and seemed to be summoning the strength to say something.

“You were right last year. I was playing with something dangerous and it could have changed everything between us. Fantasies are fantasies and some of them are too dangerous to play with in real life.”

He nodded, though it was dawning on him that no matter if they carried anything out or not their relationship had changed and would probably never be the same.

He looked around and saw that her room had changed again. Some of the posters were still there, but her big old computer was gone and in its place was her sleek laptop and her neat stack of books.

“So you got a job in the city, huh?” he asked, unsure of how to reply to what she had said. Visions of her stories swam in his head, but he tried to force them down.

She smiled, unable to hide the pride in herself.

“Yeah, it’s a little magazine, but I interned with this woman here and she just became an editor there and wanted me to work with her. I even found a roommate.”

“We’ll both be in the city. I’ll have to show you around. Buy you your first cheese steak.” David said looking at the books on her desk, Nabokov and Nin standing out and making him smile.

“I’s a vegetarian, dork,” she put down another book on top of her laptop.

David looked as his step-sister, seeing her as a woman completely now. What she had said rang in his head over and over again and the more he thought about it the more ridiculous it seemed. She said she made a mistake he was right to forget it, but now the sexual tension was twice as thick. He reached over to the top of the stack of books to a book called “Watch Your Mouth” and she grabbed his hand.

“Those are private books,” she said with a frown.

David look at her hand, her nails were neat and painted dark red. He let go of the book and very slowly placed his other hand on her wrist. She let go of him and he lifted up her wrist. He gave her an amused smile and a little laugh. She didn’t look amused at all, she looked scared and her breath caught.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t read anymore of your stories, but I couldn’t help myself…” he trailed off thinking of what to say. “Then when I read that one, ‘in His Room,’ I was hitting reply before I knew what I was doing. I couldn’t help but comment on it. I just had to talk to you.”

Her eyes didn’t move off of his hand.

“Funny, things can seem like such a big deal sometimes,” he paused to reach out and take her other wrist. He held them both up, examining the pale pink of her skin and the barely visible veins. “then you get a little distance and you realize that it’s just life. Worrying about changing a relationship, worrying that things will never be the same when you know they are already not the same. Worry about crossing a line when in your head you have already crossed it a hundred times, so basically you are just denying yourself something for no reason.” She was breathing heavily, he could feel her pulse on his fingertips. He looked at her face, her small nose, her pouting lips that were larger and more pronounced then he remembered. Her eyes were blue like his. A red blush was coloring her cheeks and her neck.

“You know which story I’m talking about, right?” he watched her wonder what to do. She was still looking at her wrists.

He let go of one wrist and put his hand on her shoulder. With a small push, he turned her around and then took her wrist again and slowly brought both of her hands behind her back. He was behind her now and moved in so that his mouth was just above her ear.

“I’ve noticed a theme in your work, sis,” he said, trying to sound casual. He was trying to stay in control. “This ‘wrist grabbing’ thing, it’s in every story. You know what I mean?”

She croaked out a whispered “yes.”

“Now, you may not realize it, but it’s a very basic dominance and submission symbol. It’s nothing as big as ropes and leather, just a little act of dominance,” he emphasized this by pulling her arms up a little behind her back, making her straighten her back and let out a little whimper.

“But I notice you always have it the same way, the guy is always holding the girl’s wrists and pressing her down on the bed. There are a lot of other ways to hold a girl’s hands.” He looked forward and saw that the she had a full length mirror on her closet door and they were face to face with their reflections. She watched him, her mouth a little open and her eyes glazed over with lust.

“See, if I have you like this it makes you even more vulnerable. Plus it makes your back arch and your breasts stick out.” He looked at her reflection, how her chest was making her buttons strain and between each button he could see the tiniest glimpse of skin and a red bra.

“Understand?” he whispered into her ear. She moaned a little and weakly answered with a hissing “yes.”

“This is feedback.” he said, slipping both of her wrists into his left hand, easily holding both of them with one hand. “See, now your male protagonist can have one hand free.”

He moved his other hands around her waist and pressed her against him. He slipped his palm up her chest and unbuttoned the button that was straining the most, the one right between her breasts.

“Come on, sis,” he breathed into her ear with playful mocking. “This is story feedback, haven’t you been begging me for this?” he opened the next button and the next until he could see her bra which was bright red satin fringed with black lace. It looked perfect against her pale skin.

“I could have sworn you have been begging for this for years now,” he said, cupping one breast savoring this first touch so much that his eyes involuntarily closed and he shuddered. She swallowed, her throat so dry she wasn’t sure if she could speak. “I have,” she said before closing her eyes and moaning as he squeezed her soft breasts again. “I’ve been begging for it. I’ve been hoping for it every night, fingering myself and wishing it was you inside of me.”

David’s face lost its cool controlled look for a second, the though making his knees weak. He pulled her wrists up a little twisting her arms and trying to maintain his power.

He unbuttoned the rest of her shirt, spreading his fingers out on her slightly pudgy but still tight skinned belly. He kissed her neck and pressed against her soft ass. Her hair brushed his face and he smelled her shampoo and perfume. He felt drunk and hard and amazing.

He let her arms relax a little and felt her nipple through the satin of her bra. As he pulled on the hard nub, she moved her hands as much as she could towards his cock. Her finger caught the button of his jeans and pulled. David smiled and looked down, watching her captive hands struggle to open his fly and then reach in to slip as much of her hand into his boxers as she could.

David let her hand slip out of his grip and bent the other one at the elbow so that her hand came up to the center of her back, straining her shoulder. She winced, but finally got hold of his cock with her free hand. He gasped as her hand squeezed it hard.

“Fuck,” she moaned. “Oh fuck, it’s really hard.”

For the first time it struck him that this might have been the first cock she had touched. The thought brought back a little of the guilt and a lot of the heat.

He slipped his hand down her now naked stomach and reached the buttons on the side of her skirt. Three large buttons on the side of her waist and then the skirt fell into a pool at her feet. Her panties were “boy cut” and they matched her bra, red satin with lots of black lace around the legs and waist.

She squeezed him tightly as his hand slipped between the smoothness of her skin and the smoothness of the satin and then across soft light hair and down to moist heat.

“I told myself not to read your stories, but all I could imagine was that little note you put on that one story about how you fantasized about that scene and touched yourself. All I could see after that was you writhing around in your bed and all I wanted was to be the one making you writhe.”

She squirmed under his touch as he let his middle finger slip up and down the closed lips of her sex. She breathed harder and he watched her in the mirror as he fingered her slowly.

He let go of her wrist finally and slipped his other hand from her panties. She pouted, but before she could protest he grabbed her arms, pulling her hand from his cock and marched her over to the bed, pushing her down so that she was lying on the bed with her legs dangling off the edge at her knees. Then he reached down and hooked his fingers on the sides of her panties and pulled them off, smiling at the little surprised sound she let out as she raised her ass up to let him. She looked at him as he stood in front of her and she squeezed her breasts together, then she pulled the cups of her bra down so that her breasts were pushed up high and stuck out of her bra.

“Every word put down I put down, I wrote because I wanted you to read them,” she said spreading her legs and looking him in the eye. “That story especially…” she moved her hand down her chest and belly until her fingers were in the fine dark brown hairs of her sex. “And every time I fingered myself at the computer, typing a story out with one hand and thinking about you…” she spread the lips of her sex, showing him vivid pink wetness. “I would make myself wait until the character came to let myself come…” and she slipped her middle finger into her sex, her head lolling back.

David kneeled down in front of the bed as he watched her finger slip in and out and kissed up the inside of her leg.

“Once upon a time there was a girl named Sofie and her she was a very good girl except for one thing…” he kissed each inch of her leg smelling her sex which was light but intoxicating. “you see, she was infatuated with her own step-brother…”

“Mmm… more than infatuated…” she moaned as his lips go closer to her fingers.

He looked up at her, as she moaned and spread the lips of her sex out, her dark red nails contrasting with the pink of her sex. She rubbed her fingertip on her clit.

“She never told anyone her secret and everyone thought she was so nice and proper… and she was except for when she was with her step-brother. When ever he came into her room at night she became a…” he continued his little narration slowly like a bedtime story.

She finished the sentence between little gasps. “When he came into her room she became a total slut who would finger herself in front of him and beg him to fuck her…”

He took her wrists and pulled her hands away from her sex. He held her hands away as he ran his tongue around her open lips and circled her clit. She moaned loudly and her toes curled.

“Nooo… I want to come the first time with your cock inside me.” she said pulling his head by his hair away from her.

He stood up and she sat up in a flash and her hands were on his pants, pulling them down to his knees and taking his boxers with them. She took his cock, very hard and very red from being in his pants all this time. She held it in one hand and smiled as she examined it, pulling it this way and that looking at it closely.

“Don’t pull so hard, Sar.” he said with a wince and a smile and she reached into his pants and pulled out his balls as well. “I’m sorry big brother,” she said with a little girl voice, “I’ll kiss it better…” and then she licked the head of his cock gently. She traced around the head and then licked down the length of it, then she kissed each.

“Is this the way you like it?” she asked and then David’s mind went blank as she slipped the head of his tongue into her hot mouth and sucked hard on him.

“That’s… right.” he said, between gasps.

She didn’t take much of him in, but she sucked what she could hard. When she finally stopped David’s face was bright red and his eyes looked wild. Sara laid back on the bed, rubbing herself and getting ready for him.

“I’m on the pill, I have been for-” but David cut her off. “Take off you bra and your socks and shoes. I want you totally naked. Now.” he said in a husky voice as he pulled off his shoes and then his pants. The tone of his voice made her weak. It made her willing to do anything he said when he said it like that. She reached back and unhooked her bra and then took what remaining clothes she had off.

He knelt on the bed and looked at his step-sister. Her face and chest blushing red, her breasts large and soft and topped with thick puffy nipples. She spread her legs and her face grew worried realizing that this was it, this was the final step.

She smiled up at him as he knelt on the bed between her legs and there was happiness and love in her eyes. David looked back and smiled.

“Tell me you love me, David.” she said and held her hands up, wrists out.

“You know I love you, Sara.” he said, taking each hand and kissing each wrist before tightening his grip on her wrists and pushing them down into the bed and then grinding his hips against her until his cock found her and slipped in.

He pushed in hard and her legs opened wide and she cried out loud. He pushed in and out slowly, each thrust all the way to the hilt. He was like an old steam train starting up with slow but unrelenting motions that very slowly got faster.

She tried to hold it in, but she was already coming. She let it out like a long sob. He slowed a little as her body relaxed, but after a minute she got her strength back and she arched her back and licked her lips and said “Fuck me.” while she looked into his eyes.

And he did. Starting up again he started the cycle again, slow and deep then faster and faster. Their bodies were getting wet with perspiration and he felt with every quickening thrust his orgasm building and building.

She kissed his neck and whispered to him over again, “Fuck me, come in me, please,” she begged and whimpered as he moved faster and faster. Their eyes locked and her mouth curved into a smile.

“After all these years, you’re going to come in your little sister’s pussy. How many times did you think about it when you wrote you’re stories?”

David groaned from the mix of guilt and want and even shock. He was doing it, but to hear her say it. To hear her acknowledge it.

“And unprotected, too. Coming inside of me. Shooting it inside of me. Fucking you’re little sister. Fucking her before Mommy and Daddy get home. Fucking her in her room- David, I’m coming again, please give me your come. Please!”

She came hard again and the look in her eyes and her loud moans brought him over the edge and then he was coming, over and over again into her.

They held each other tightly on her smell bed, their legs entwined and their arms around each other and his lips on her forehead. It was finally done, the act that they had both been obsessed with for so long and now there was silence and peace. The guilt was gone and they knew that no matter what happened in life they had each other. They were step-brother and step-sister forever and now lovers. They sighed together.

“Mom and Dad will be home in a few hours.” Sara said, lazily playing with his fingers.

“Yeah… I guess we should take a shower or something.” David said regretfully.

Sara frowned.

“How will this work, David? I mean…” she searched for a way to explain.

“Well, do you love me?” he asked with a smile.

She pushed his shoulder and smiled, “of course I love you, stupid. I mean what do we do now?”

He thought about this, “well… I guess we will both live in the city and we will live our lives.”

She frowned again, “I mean… what will happen with us?”

He smiled.

“You’re my step-sister and I love you and we will hang out more because we will both be in the city- and-” he circled her nipple softly, “we will help each other with our writing when ever we want to.”

She sighed happily. “And that’s it? We will just love each other and occasionally- fuck… and I’ll get a boyfriend and you’ll get a girlfriend and then what do we do?”

He shrugged.

“I guess we will figure it out then. What ever we do, we will be happy. I mean, would you care if I had a girlfriend?”

She sat up a little. 

“No!  You need a girlfriend as a matter of fact. When we’re in the city I am going to find you the perfect girl.  I mean… I don’t want to marry you…  you’re my step-brother!  I just want to… occasionally fuck you and have you write me dirty stories.”

“I couldn’t have said it any better myself,” he said, moving in and kissing her on the lips.

Three months later Sara sat at her new desk in her new apartment.  David came out of the shower and slipped his arms around her and kissed her neck, eliciting a giggle and then a faux annoyed look.

“I’m busy! I’m a writer too you know.”

“Something new?” he asked kissing her neck again until her giggled turned into little moans.

Moving away, he smiled as she typed.

“You could say that-”

“Step-Sister’s Secret…” he read over her shoulder, “sounds interesting.”

“I think you’ll like it.”

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  1. I loved it. All of them. Small things and I don’t mean to offend by pointing them out. First story you start talking about her purple hair and then it changes to blue. I also found it a bit disconcerting that she had him prone at first meeting in the front garden ? Just my take. It was a tiny bit confusing.
    Think it was the second story nipples should be plural. I’m being too lazy to check exact paragraph my apologies. So now you have a lazy critic who loves your stories and lastly, although it may be apt, they cuddled on her “smell” bed. 😉 Probably nobody has dared to point this out before xxxx I would imagine……..and she hits send ever so carefully and with great respect!

  2. So lovely to be in with the characters, to want to live it with them, to read it for the sex bur to actually just want to know what’s happening in their relationship – the length was good too, long enough to get into the story, but not daunting 🙂 made me wonder how the parents would react if ever they found out

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