The Boy

To call him handsome was a misnomer; he was pretty. A delicate face, a somewhat chiseled chin, warm brown eyes, always clean shaven and looking slightly younger than his twenty-something years. He had the grace of an old time actor. Cary Grant in leather pants.

The room was large, low ceilinged, all black and red in some budget approximation of chinoiserie. Black lacquered chairs and overstuffed embroidered couches. Gold dragons on the walls and paper lantern hanging from the ceiling.

The crowd was riding the line between a kink party and sex party. As I walked around and eyed the pretty boy it struck me that we’d all become disconnected from the vanilla world. As I watched friends kiss and play kinky games and fuck out in the open, I thought how normal it all seemed to me and how shocking it might be to someone else.

I fell into a pile of five or six half naked people on a couch, which included the pretty boy. There was something of an excuse in our numbers. The legs and arms and lips all around us made it less threatening. Still my proximity to him felt forbidden. He sat with his arms draped around two women and his legs spread open. The bulge at his crotch made my throat tighten.

He smiled at me as I pressed into a buxom girl with huge lips and thickly made up eyes next to me, the one I’d seen get fucked a few minutes before. I met her gaze for a minute and her face was flush, her eyes flirting. She leaned in and kissed my neck, pulling me forward. My hand landed on his leg for support.

He was kissing a pretty blond with a pixie cut and bright blue eyes who then turned and kissed me, her mouth still wet from his. My eyes locked with his as her whiskey flavored tongue swirled in my mouth.

His hand touched mine and he moved it up and up his leg and I felt like I was hyperventilating into the blonde girl’s kiss. With one final nudge my hand was on his leather covered cock. I felt the outline, the familiar hardness.

I stopped kissing the blonde and she moved closer to me, her eyes on my hand and a low lusty groan escaping her lips.

“You should suck his cock,” she whispered in my ear and I was scared. My face felt hot and my heart was pounding. It was a fear that was ground deep into my being.

He laughed, a sweet boyish laugh.

“You should,” he agreed with a mischievous smile and a squeeze of my hand.

Then the blonde turned and started opening his pants. I was unsure, but I couldn’t turn away. Buttons and a zipper and squirming to pull down the tight black material and then there is was, thicker than I expected. It looked huge, actually.

He laughed again and then groaned as the blonde leaned over and slipped a pink tinged condom that seemed to appear from thin air. Then she slipped the fat cock between her lips, her eyes closing and his head going back.

I was forgotten as she took it into her mouth and her body started the smooth cycle of up and down.

I watched, unsure who I was more jealous of. I bit my lip wondering if I had the courage to ask for my turn. I thought about how it would feel against my lips.

The girl with the kohl rimmed eyes moved in and clawed her nails across my chest.

“You want to suck it, don’t you,” she growled into my ear.

I fell into her kiss and we watched the blonde girl suck the pretty boy off.

I promised myself, next time. Next time.

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