Writing Dirty Omnibus!

I’m selling one giant ebook with pretty much everything in it. Five novellas and 40+ short stories including some stories I haven’t been able to sell before because of copyright, some old old stories that are a little raw but definitely fun reads, a couple of non-erotica stories that I hope you will find charming, and a few surprises. It’s a little under 200,000 words.

This collection can’t go on Amazon because it contains a lot of very taboo stories that Amazon doesn’t allow, including fantasy stories about incest (daddy/daughter and brother/sister), non-consent/drunk, etc.

I’m asking 20 bucks for this, but it’s a lot of smut!

tl;dr You can get all my stories and a bunch of stuff not on this site for $20 or more if you want to support me extra.

Purchase the Omnibus Writing Dirty Collection: $20 via PayPal
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2 responses to “Writing Dirty Omnibus!”

  1. Greg says:

    Just wondering: is there any chance that the Omnibus will become available on Amazon.com in the future?
    Thanks for your writing and for sharing your talent!

    • jack says:

      I’m afraid not, Greg. The main reason I created this omnibus was to sell the stories that Amazon wouldn’t let me sell because of taboo content.

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