The Little Bird Part 1/3

Sometimes after a really good first date, you walk around in a daze. A stupid grin plastered on your face, a drunken wobble in your gate, and a fog over your eyes.

That’s where Jason was as he made his way through the east Village and up to the apartment of his best friend Ray.

Ray opened the door and immediately rolled his eyes at his friend’s swooning smile.

“Oh boy, not again,” he said, letting Jason float into his apartment.

“No man, this is serious, I’m in-” Jason started but Ray stopped him.

“Don’t say it, don’t say it, I know, you’re in love. At least wait until the second date to tell her,” he laughed as he popped opened each of them a beer.

“Sit down, have a drink and tell me about this one,” Ray said, preparing himself for the recounting of yet another romantic first date.

Jason was a bit of a serial romantic. On most first dates he fell head over heels. By the third date he was usually already broken hearted.

Ray watched as Jason winced and sat down slowly.

“You okay?”

Jason smiled and laughed.

“Yeah well, we were making out and grinding against each other for like an hour and a half in the little statue park next to Gimmy Coffee. It was hot as hell, but left me with-”

“Blue balls? Does that really still happen? Last time I got blue balls I was in high school,” Ray said, shaking his head.

Jason shrugged.

“It’s real, man, the pain is real,” he said, taking a long sip of beer and then placing the cold bottle on his crotch.

Ray laughed as Jason shook his head.

“I’ll have a beer of two, but then I’ve got to go home and do the only thing that cures it,” Jason said, jerking his fist back and forth.

Ray closed his eyes and waved his hands.

“Oh, I remember. That was your cure for most things in high school though,” Ray said draining his first beer.

As he stood sipping his beer he seemed about to say something, but he paused.

“What’s up?” Jason said between sips, being acutely aware of his best friends moods.

Ray shrugged, unsure, but then he seemed to make up his mind.

“What if I told you I had an even better cure for blue balls?” Ray said with a nervous grin.

Jason was confused. Then he was concerned. Then he started laughing.

“Shit, you had me going. I totally thought you were going to offer to blow me!”

Ray chuckled but the seriousness didn’t leave his eyes.

“No, dip shit, seriously. I have something way better than jerking off alone in your apartment to porn. I’ve actually got something I think you will appreciate a lot. Come in here, I’ll show you,” Ray said, walking into his bedroom.

Jason sat for a moment, wondering what the fuck was going on. Was his friend coming on to him? Was this all a prank? He was dubious, but he eventually got up and followed his friend into his bedroom.

“You are acting weird, Ray. I’m not using your fleshlight, I don’t care how long we have been friends,” Jason said, uncomfortable as he stood in Ray’s bedroom with him.

The bed was made, his desk was clean, in general his room looked organized and very unlike the mess Jason was used to seeing in his friend’s house.

He was creeped out.

“Okay, so, I’ve been keeping a little secret for a while. I wasn’t sure how to tell you but this seems like a good way. I have something that is really useful for exactly your situation and it would mean a lot to me if you, my best friend, would use it,” Ray said in an earnest tone.

Jason was eying the door. His best friend was never serious. Jason was trying to understand the sarcasm or find the punch line but he couldn’t.

Ray then walked to his closet and opened the door. What Jason saw made him jump.

The bar, where clothes hung, had been moved all the way to the top of the high closet and under his suits and dress shirts was a cage.

Inside that cage was a girl.

She was sitting quietly, legs folded under her. She didn’t look scared, she wasn’t tied up or anything. She just looked up from her book with large kohl rimmed eyes and fluttered her lashes at the two men.

The cage looked less like a dog crate and more like a birdcage. There was a mirror hanging on one side. There was a small lightbulb hanging from the top. There was a bowl of water and a plate of what looked like scones. The bottom was covered in pink pillows.

The girl was nude, except for long gray socks that came up to her thigh, a matching ribbon around her neck, and her black rimmed glasses.

She was very pretty. Large brown eyes, large full lips, adorably chubby cheeks.

She looked short, but seemed around Ray’s age, maybe a year or two younger.

She put her book on her lap and waited.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Jason said in shock.

Suddenly the three of them looked up, surprised by a whirling sound. On the wall was an old cuckoo clock. The little wooden bird popped out of its little hole and chirped nine times.

Jason’s eyes flashed from the ridiculous clock back to the girl in the cage. She was looking at the clock as well and after its announcement of the house she shifted in the cage, spreading her legs and facing the two men.

The girl in the cage then pulled from under the pillows a pink vibrator, like a mini-Hitachi Magic Wand, and brought it between her legs. With her eyes on Jason’s, she started the little thing buzzing. Her breath caught immediately.

“She has to do this every three hours. Even when she is sleeping, she has an alarm that wakes her up,” Ray said, slapping Jason’s arm.

“But get this, she can’t come. She just comes right up to the edge and then she has to stop. She’s been doing that for almost three weeks now,” he continued, marveling at his own genius.

Jason was speechless.

The girl was red faced. Jason tried to fathom what was going on in her head. Her whimpers and moans were quickening and getting louder.

“Let me explain, she’s is totally into this. It was actually her idea. She loves getting all locked up, getting teased and humiliated and edging over and over again until she is so frustrated she can’t think straight,” Ray explained.

Her cheeks darkened and her eyes widened. Her lithe body tensed.

“You better not come, little bird, do you hear me?” Ray said in a tone and volume that made Jason wince.

“Anyhow, yeah, that’s my little secret. And you know what else, she really loves the idea of me loaning her out to my friends. Just a fuck toy that can be shared. You think you might be into that?” Ray asked with a smile.

Jason just looked at him, mouth open, agog.

Ray seemed amused by Jason’s shock.

The moans of the girl in the cage came to a crescendo and her hips rose up rhythmically. Then suddenly turned off the vibrator and threw it to the side, then she pressed both of her hands between her legs as if to stop it from exploding.

She whimpered “no, no, no,” over and over.

Ray chuckled.

“That was a close one I think. Nothing gets her off like an audience, especially if there is an attractive stranger watching,” Ray confided.

Jason tried to speak but no words seemed forth coming.

“So listen, I know this is all a bit new for you. Just know that she is a very willing pet and nothing makes her happier than being used and owned by me. So this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to go see-” he checked his phone quickly, “the 9:45 showing of the new Avengers movie. You are very welcome to stay here and fuck and spank and use my little pet for as long as you like.”

Ray went to the nightstand and opened a little box, showing Jason the contents.

“Condoms, lube, etc. If she wants you to stop she’ll say red. Isn’t that right little pet?”

She nodded on cue.

“Speak,” Ray demanded.

She went to speak, but only a hoarse whisper came. She leaned down and sipped at the bowl of water. Then cleared her throat

“My master’s friends can use his pet how ever they want. If his pet needs to stop, his pet will say ‘red,’” she said in a practiced tone.

“Okay?” Ray asked, reaching for his jacket.

“Um,” Jason was trying to calculate if it was okay.

Ray put on his jacket and went to the closet, opening the little cage and helping the girl out of it.

“You will be a good pet and let my friend use you any way he wants,” he said as he straightened her little ribbon collar and her socks.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.

“And since you are being such a good little pet you can come after he comes. Would you like that?”

“Yes, sir, very much, sir,” she squeezed out.

Then both of them were looking at Jason expectantly.

Ray took a little leash from his nightstand and clipped it to the ribbon collar around the girl’s neck. He held the leash out to Jason.

“So?” he asked.

There was a long tense silence.

Jason reached up and took the leash.

Ray smiled.

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