Review: Giselle Renarde’s Nanny State

Except for the work of a few friends (Guy New York, Sinclair Sexsmith) I don’t find that much erotica that really turns me on. Well, not much that is being published this decade.

51geyortszlNow, there is a lot of erotica out there, so part of that is just not being able to find erotica that suits me. I am very much not into romance genre erotica, which is most of what is out there. Billionaire, werewolves, the ever present cocky alpha. These are things that as so far from what turns me on that I’m better off reading cricket scores to get off.

That all being said, I search. I’m happy to take recommendations.

A few days ago I found (through SugarButch’s Best Queer Sex Blogs list) Giselle Renarde’s Nanny State. I read the whole thing today and it was delectable.

It’s a wonderful novella. A young college girl named Summer, who is living with a family friend during school, gets into a very interesting relationship with her landlord cum caregiver, Victoria. Soon Victoria becomes “Nanny Victoria” and the two wrestle with a budding power dynamic and how the rules of the household might work once nightly suckling at Nanny’s breasts and lingering fingered baths become part of their lives.

There is a lovely tension, a building, and I really liked how the rules changed over the course of the story until the two (and eventually the three) partners found something that worked for all of them. A sweet ending along with a glimpse into a complex past.

It was a story that was complete, but didn’t give away everything and left a sweet air of mystery.

Ageplay, without ever using the term, spankings, domination, and even a few kinks I’m not that into like diapers/pee, but it all worked for me and was hot as hell.

Giselle Renarde’s Nanny State is available on Amazon and through her website Donuts & Desires.

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