Self Care Writing Prompt Marathon

A little shile ago I did my first Self Care Writing Prompt Marathon. I ended up doing 46 stories with a total of over 13,000 words. Thanks for the prompts and the encouragement! Here are all the stories:

Another Writing Prompt For The List Someone

Trouble Coming Possibly Teasing denial As A Way

Seeing A Stranger Youve Been Dreaming About

Writing Prompt Daddy Knows Best

How About Just The Straight Up Most Romantic And

Prompt Intimacy Shaving Tender Humiliating

How About Something Along The Lines Of Teasing The

Foot Worship With Pedicure Dark Or Red Polish

A Cute Story About Ron And Hermione

Flash Fiction Prompt Degradation

Pulling Hair

A Bisexual Couple Dominates A Young Man Who Wants

Am I Too Late A Mm Scene

Doctor And Patient

Human Pets Not Pretending To Be Animals Just

Anything That Might Make Me Feel Better Lovable

Writing Prompt Ice Skating Date



I Want You To Write About One Of Your Fantasies

Her First Spanking

For Your Writing Prompt Thing Getting Caught In

Abt Me


A Prompt About Making Someone Orgasm For The First

Girl Gangbang In The Showers

Sleepysleeping Sex

Wrestling With A Fat Girl As Foreplay And Fighting

An Ill Advised Vengeance Plot

Your Cock

If Youre Still Taking Suggestions May I Request

Pinching Fat Girls In Amigurumi

We Would Love To See A Story On Pegging Maybe A

The Intern And The Female Vp


John Malkovich Peeling A Banana In The Most

A Quickie While Others Are In The Next Room

Would You Write A Story Involving A Hairbrush

Mr Stratton Speaking Of Hot Guys At The Gym

Shell Allow Him To Be Her Sub As Long As He

A Younger Chubby Woman Trying To Build Up The

Flash Fiction Little Girl Learning How To Be A

Can You Write A Story About Bacon

Flash Fiction Subject Virgin Are We Allowed

As Horror Tends To Go Being Captured By A

Her Cheating Him Finding Out Doesnt Punish Her

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