Ms. Elevator

There are those strangers in your life whom you constantly bump into. The people who you see around town, but for whatever reasons never introduce yourself to.

Among that group there are the pretty ones whose eyes you seem to catch over and over again. Interaction that you are never sure are flirtatious, but always get your heart racing.

She was one of those. Someone I passed a hundred times and whose smile could make my day.

We worked in the same building, though not for the same company. Usually I saw her in line at the coffee shop on the corner. She always got the almond milk latte, but it wasn’t the kind of place where they called your name, so I couldn’t get the information that way.

She had a crooked half smile. Shy eyes. She seemed to hind behind the fringe of her chocolate brown hair. Sometimes I would catch her gaze and for a moment the half smile would turn whole and she would stare so intensely I would get embarrassed. Then her hair would fall over her eyes and she would look at her shoes.

I often wondered if I imagined her flirtation. I didn’t really want to be one of those creeps who comes on to someone randomly. Especially if I had to see her every day at the coffee shop.

We would also occasionally bump into each other in the elevator, which felt a bit like high school. She tended to hold her laptop case in front of her chest and bite her lip, giving me a smile, but looking forward.

One Wednesday we got on the elevator together and shared our smile, though that morning it lingered a little longer.

She wore a somewhat short black pleated dress, with black knee high socks, which were my weakness. The dress had a white peter pan collar and there was something in her makeup and hair that made me think it might be a special day for her, maybe a date that night or a big presentation at work. She looked extra pretty.

I press 8, my floor and 14, hers and she smiled again in thanks.

When the elevator lurched the first time, she fell right into my arms. Luckily neither of us got coffee that morning or it would be all over us.

She dropped her laptop with a thud and sprawled backwards into me, knocking the wind out of me.

At the same time as the elevator stopped, the lights went out. She was pressed against me in the dark and her weight and the softness of her body against me was confusing. Her hair smelled like wildflowers.

After a moment, different lights came on, dim and amber. There were some mechanical sounds, like an engine trying to start and failing.

We stood and waited, then we were suddenly aware of our position, with her pressing her whole body against me as I leaned against the wall of the elevator.

“Sorry. Um. Thanks for catching me,” she said in a low voice.

She was still leaning against me. Her ass was far softer than I expected, her hips more substantial than her dress let on. My hands itched to slip around her waist.

“Uh,” said a tinny voice out of some unseen internal speaker in the elevator.

“Attention. Attention. There has been a power outage. Looks like about 20 square blocks, so it must be a relay. Unfortunate our redundant system malfunctioned. You aren’t in any danger but it may be a while before your getting out. Sit tight.”

Then there was silence.

We both sighed deeply. I let her go and she turned to face me.

“Well, I’ve been meaning to introduce myself anyhow-” I started with a laugh.

She looked up at me, not laughing, and touched my lips with her fingers

“We don’t have much time,” she whispered.

“We-what?” I was confused, she looked so serious all of the sudden.

She took my hand and placed it just above her stomach and then slipped it up until it was cupping her breast. The softness was a shock.

“This has always been my fantasy. Stuck in an elevator with a handsome stranger. I mean unless you don’t want to…”

“I want to,” I quickly replied, squeezing her breast and feeling warmth flow through my veins as my body awoke to the possibilities before me.

“Do you? Even though we might get caught?” She said pushing herself closer to me.

“We have to be quick about it then,” I said reaching down and slipping my hands under her dress, feeling the warmth of her skin for the first time, my hands sliding up her hips and resting on her waist.

She smiled again. Not the shy smile I was used to, but something hungry and wicked.

“Pull my panties off, please,” she asked sweetly.

I pulled them down her smooth legs and then stood back up, holding the tiny warm cotton in my hand. Not knowing what to do with them I put them in my pocket.

I saw her biting her lip in the soft light and I grabbed her arms and spun us both around so that she was pressed against the wall of the elevator and I was pressed against her. I kissed her. The electricity of kissing someone knew, feeling all those subtly different sensations.

Then she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed down. I let her guide me to my knees and as she raised her dress, I hungrily moved forward, my mouth between her legs. I held her hips as I tasted her for the first time, my tongue slipping between her lips, salt and light tang of sweat, then the silky wetness of her.

Stubble burned my cheeks, but I could care less about that. I was twirling and sliding my tongue experimentally, listening to what moves made her breath catch. Being in a hurry, she was happy to grab my hair and hold me in the place she liked best, goading me on faster, slower, harder.

She came quickly, pushing me to the floor as she did. We laughed as we tumbled, but we weren’t done. She climbed on top of me as I laid on the floor, turning around and pressing her pussy against my face as she reached down and undid my pants.

Just as her lips wrapped around my cock, the speaker crackled back to life.

“Attention. Attention. We should have things moving in about five minutes. Thanks for your patience,” it announced.

“You better hurry,” she said, before taking my cock into her mouth completely.

I groaned against her wet pussy. The smell of her everywhere, the taste of her, my whole face wet with her as my cock was enveloped in heat again.

As I felt her legs quivering and her body priming for another orgasm I felt my own rushing faster.

I couldn’t even moan, her body was pressed down on my, covering my mouth and nose, giving me a little spike of fear as my breath was kept from me. Then I came, like getting hit by lightning while under water. My body bucked against her. Her mouth never stopped sucking.

As she rolled off me, the lights flickered and an engine started in the distance. The elevator started to move. We rushed to put our clothes on.

In the confusion when we got out, I lost her. I never got her name. It wasn’t until I got home that I realize I still had her panties in my pocket.

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