Blackmail Diary

They were both home for the summer for the first time in a long time. She hadn’t seen her older brother for more than a year and in that time she changed in so many way. She hoped he had grown up too, out of his bullying phase. Yet ever since their returned he had begun his games of teasing and taunting her with a new passion.

She heard him walking into the kitchen and she turned off her phones screen. She didn’t want to give him any more ammunition for torment and her Tumblr would have certainly done that.

As he passed her at the kitchen table he dropped the diary in front of her. He did it casually, as if he were returning something she had dropped.

She hadn’t dropped it. It was supposed to be where it always was, in the shoebox, under her bed.

He got a glass of water and let her process her reaction. Then he sat down across from her.

“I’m sure you could guess this, but I’m a lot better than you at hiding things,” he said with a cocky laugh.

Her face was going through a color wheel of hues, tan to pink to red. Anger, fear, embarrassment, other emotions she couldn’t get a handle on enough to name.

“Like the photocopies I made. You’ll never find those. And the pictures I took. Impossible to find, but always right at my fingertips,” he said with a wink.

She bit her lip. She wanted to scream at him; she wanted to smack him; but she knew what he had read. All the disgusting things in her diary. All the plans and details of her little adventures. All the dark fantasies she had put into words.

He watched her fume, watched her white knuckles clench into fists.

“Oh come on Sis, this is what you’ve been waiting for. I read all about it. Isn’t blackmail just a handy excuse to be the sick little slut you’ve been wanting to be?”

She opened her mouth to answer but no words came.

His eyes were tracing the lines of her body. He looked so pleased with himself.

“Maybe that is your real kink. To have everybody know. All your friends, everyone at-” he started but she finally spoke.


Just one word, loud but not too loud.

“Well, that’s good to know,” he said with a smile, sipping his water.

“We can work out all the details later. We have all summer. But for now, you can do one thing for me,” he said, then he took another sip.

She waited for what ever he was going to demand, her mind racing for a way out, some bargaining chip, even some line about what she might be willing to do to satisfy him. Her face burned even hotter at that thought.

“What?” She finally asked through gritted teeth.

He smiled again, even more victoriously. She knew she fucked up. She gave him that first inch. She let him know she was scared enough to do what he wanted.

“It’s nothing that you haven’t done for guys and girls online. Just stand up for a sec and lift up your shirt and pull down your shorts and show me your tits and your pussy. Easy. Just show me for a good ten seconds, right here in our family kitchen.”

Her eyes burned from the pressure of all the rage building up. Her foot tapped on the floor. She looked at the doorway, saw the living room, still empty. The house was quiet.

Then she was standing up. So fast she got a little dizzy. It was one stupid thing. It didn’t matter. It was stupid. It was nothing.

She pulled down her cotton shorts, the ones she always slept in when she was home, and she pulled up her shirt, almost high enough to cover her face.

His face changed. She watched it. He softened perhaps or at least was too occupied to be cruel. He had her, but it that moment she had him too.

He pulled out his phone and pointed it at her and she heard the little digital click of a photo being taken. Then her brother sighed deeply.

“Well, somebody has certainly filled out this year,” he said with a chuckle.

She let her shirt drop and she pulled up her shorts and sat down.

“See ya later, squirt,” he said, getting up and patting her on the head as he left, messing up her hair like he did when they were kids.

And then he was gone and she was alone in the kitchen with nothing to do but wait.

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