Like a Sister

Lisa was one of those friends who seemed to have been around forever. When we met she was dating one of my best friends and although that relationship didn’t work out, we stayed close. I’m not really sure why we never hooked up. I think we were too similar. She was a tough girl, a tomboy and I think we had different taste in partners. Plus we were both sort of tops. e were both aggressive and dominant.

This whole thing started a few years ago when she started dating some guy who seemed like a bit of a bad boy and I told her to be careful and she said “Oh, thanks Big Brother.” After that the brother sister thing kind of stuck.

She was three years younger than me, so I called her little sister. Sometimes I patted her on the head or messed up her hair. It was our private little joke. It was funny, because we sort of looked alike, both having brown hair and blue eyes. Once when we were out getting some pizza before meeting a bunch of friends a gypsy wanted to read our palms and said “Yes! I will read the future of you and your seester!” I guess she wasn’t really psychic.

I knew even back then that I was sort of turned on by the idea of a taboo relationship. Not a really inappropriate relationship, but playing at one. There were a few times when Lisa and I would play around and I would grab her and tug her hair a little, just playing like a brother and sister fighting and she would yell that she was going to “tell Mom” on me and laugh. Sometimes there would be this sort of awkward moment. Then we would laugh it off and get on with what ever we were doing. That was until that one night.

I had a bunch of people over my apartment, Lisa being one of them, and at the end of the night it ended up that we were the only ones left in the apartment. That made sense since we could both out drink anyone else we hung out with. We were a bit drunk and a bit restless.

Lisa was sitting back on my couch pouting a bit. She was shorter than me, she dressed in mostly men’s clothes. I sat down next to her and she playfully pushed me away from her.

“Get away big bro, you smell!” she held her nose and pushed me with all of her might, but I stayed put and laughed. Her hand slipped as she pushed me and her breasts pressed into my arm as she laughed drunkenly.

“I smell good, sis! Fuck you.” I said, easily pushing her back into the couch.

She pouted and gave me a bratty smile. “You wish, bro!”

I wrinkled my brow. “Wish what?”

She gave me a cocky smile and pushed out her ample chest.

“You just wish…”

I let out one deep laugh and stared at her and smiled in a way that made her cocky smile slip.

“I’m bigger than you and I’m stronger than you, little sis. I can do what ever I want, so don’t push me.”

She scoffed and pushed me again, but her eyes met mine.

I was on her then, pinning her arms down above her head immediately. She seemed surprised at how strong I was, she struggled against my grip, but all that accomplished was grinding against my body.

“Get off me, jerk…” she said, but her eyes locked onto mine. I was she lust as she bit her lip and squirmed under me.

“Maybe I don’t want to get off you. You gunna make make, little sister?” I said, now completely on top of her. Her legs had opened as she struggled and I slipped between them. She was lying on the couch, legs open with me on top of her, our denim clad crotches grinding together and her somewhat tight t-shirt taut against her breasts, which pressed against my chest.

“I’m going to tell Mom.” she said, her voice a little raspy.

I pressed my hardening cock against her and moved in until my mouth was right next to her ear. My hands were still on her wrists, holding her down, but she wasn’t struggling anymore.

“What are you going to tell her? That you’re a little slut and you’ve been hoping your big brother would fuck you for a while now?”

She bit her lip and let out a little whimper.

“No.. no. That’s sick. You’re my brother.” her hips rose up and she pressed her sex against mine, so many layers of clothes between them, but I could still feel the moist heat emanating from her pussy.

“Is it?” I let go of one of her wrists and before she could do anything I moved my hand between us and popped open her jeans, open the zipper and slipped my hand inside. She squirmed and gasped as my fingers met soft hair and her secret little lips and then that perfect wetness. I just rubbed there, on her swollen clit and then dipped down to where the wetness was, getting the tip of my finger wet and then pulling out my hand.

“If it’s so bad then why are you so wet, sis?” I laughed darkly, licking my finger and tasting her wetness and swirling it around on my tongue. I liked her taste, light but musky. She was one of those girls who get very wet, I could tell. I wanted to sink my cock into her.

She blushed redder and didn’t answer. I moved my hand up and cupped one of those large breasts, something I had wanted to do for years.

“Why are you wet, sis?” I asked again, growling into her ear as I roughly felt her up and kissed her neck.

“Don’t…” she whispered, “I’ll tell, I swear… I’ll tell mom and dad.”

I kneeled between her legs and she sat up and pushed me again, trying to wriggle away from me. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down hard against the cushions of the couch. She tried to swing her leg around so I wasn’t between her legs, but I didn’t let her. I grabbed hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled up hard. She tried to fight, but I got the shirt off quickly.

I slipped my arms around her and kissed her neck as she tried to push me off. My hands found the clasp of her bra and I undid it, pulling it off her shoulders and finding her pushing me off in a way that let me easily remove the bra.

Her hands were on my chest, trying to keep me at a distance. My hands moved to her breasts. They were big. She was a bit of a chubby girl. I liked them that way. Her nipples were darker then I thought and larger then most girls Id been with. It suddenly hit me that this was one of my best friends and I was around to fuck her. I gave her a smile and met her eyes.

She let her role break for a second and smiled back at me breaking into a laugh. Then the smile melted and her eyes just read desire. Then she pounded her fists against my chest.

“You better not fuck me. You’re my brother! I won’t let you fuck me.”

I grabbed both of her tits, groaning at how soft and warm and perfect they were as she writhed under me, bucking her hips and trying to push me off. I was hard as a rock now.

I played with her tits and my thumbs and forefingers closed around her large nipples making her moan. I smiled realizing how sensitive her large nipples were and playing with them, twisting them a little and pulling them, squeezing her breasts with my palms.

“Fuck I love your tits. They’re perfect.”

She was lost as I roughly played with them. Her hands now just resting on my chest, her pretend fighting back forgotten.

I let my hands slip off her tits and moved down to the waist of her jeans. She didn’t react at first, but when I pushed against her and pulled down at the same time she started to fight again.

We were wrestling, she was trying to keep her legs open, but I was pulling them up in front of me as I pulled her jeans down her hips and half way to her knees. She struggled and squirmed, but I was stronger and forced her legs up, pulling the jeans all the way to her ankles and then finally off. Then I pinned her arms down again.

“Face it, I’m going to fuck you.” I laughed as she tried and get out of my grip again.

I managed to get both of her wrists in one hand and reached down and undid my pants, pulling them down enough to free my aching cock. She stopped fighting because she saw it and was transfixed, then started fighting, pressing her now only panty clad pussy into me.

I let her arm go and she pushed against my chest again, trying to push me away. I moved down and pulled her panties to one side, seeing that she was soaking wet.

“Damn Sis, you get wet, don’t you? You’re soaked.”

She was biting her lip and fighting hard against me. My cock brushed against the hair of her cunt and she gasped, then I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it against that hot wetness. She kept fighting, wriggling around and shaking her head.

Then I slipped in.

There is that first moment when you fuck someone for the first time, the feel of them, the smell of them, all the new sensations overpower you. She let out a sharp moan and spread her legs far apart and then I was fucking her, my pretend little sister. My hands went up to pin her down again and my lips were on her ear and neck.

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing shallow and her mouth was open and letting out little whimpers. I didn’t want her eyes closed. I wanted her here, watching me.

“You like your brother’s cock?” I said, slowing my trusts and slipping out of her to grind my dick against her clit.

She nodded vigorously.

“Say it.”

She bit her lip.

“I like it.”

I bit her neck and she arched her back.

“Say. It.”

I slipped the head back in, teasing her.

“I like my big brother’s-” she gasped as I slipped in another inch. “My big brother’s big cock.”

I fucked her for real then, fast and hard, spreading her legs wider and holing them apart. She was panting, letting out little grunts with each hard trust.

“Please,” she whispered, “don’t stop, I’m so close.”

I wanted to tease her more, but I couldn’t. It was just too hot.

When she came I felt her tighten on my cock as her head trashed back and forth and she grabbed her tits squeezing them and crying out.

I slowed down a little, giving her time to recover and then I started up again. She was looking right in my eyes now, rubbing her tits and pulling on her nipples.

“Fuck me, big brother. Come on, fuck my little pussy. I want you to pull out that fat cock when you are going to come and put it right in my mouth. I want to suck up all my brother’s come. You hear me?”

She kept going, telling me filthier and filthier things that were pushing me to that edge.

“Want me to be your little sister slut? When I come home from school you can bend me over and fuck me. You can put it in my ass or my mouth or my little pussy. You want that, big brother? You want to come in my mouth? I want it bad. I want to taste it so bad. Pleeeease. Pretty please.”

That was it. When she said please she pouted like a little girl and stuck her bottom lip out. Seeing that pushed me over the edge and I felt myself about to come. I pulled out, stood up and she quickly moved over, taking my cock and sucking it hard.

I came the minute I was in her mouth and she sucked out every drop. Then as I was so sensitive I couldn’t even move she kept sucking and licking me until I had to push her away.

Then we were sitting there, sort of marveling at what just happened. I’m not sure why but we both just started laughing. She pushed me playfully and I pushed her back. Then she stood up, stretched and turned around, bending over to get her bra out from between the cushions of the couch.

“I’m still telling mom.” she said in a bratty voice.

I put my hands on her hips and slid my cock, which was hard again, against her ass.

“You never learn.” I said, spanking her ass hard.

The End

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