Little Bird

Sometimes after a really good first date, you walk around in a daze. A stupid grin plastered on your face, a drunken wobble in your gate, and a fog over your eyes.

That’s where Jason was as he made his way through the east Village and up to the apartment of his best friend Ray.

Ray opened the door and immediately rolled his eyes at his friend’s swooning smile.

“Oh boy, not again,” he said, letting Jason float into his apartment.

“No man, this is serious, I’m in-” Jason started but Ray stopped him.

“Don’t say it, don’t say it, I know, you’re in love. At least wait until the second date to tell her,” he laughed as he popped opened each of them a beer.

“Sit down, have a drink and tell me about this one,” Ray said, preparing himself for the recounting of yet another romantic first date.

Jason was a bit of a serial romantic. On most first dates he fell head over heels. By the third date he was usually already broken hearted.

Ray watched as Jason winced and sat down slowly.

“You okay?”

Jason smiled and laughed.

“Yeah well, we were making out and grinding against each other for like an hour and a half in the little statue park next to Gimmy Coffee. It was hot as hell, but left me with-”

“Blue balls? Does that really still happen? Last time I got blue balls I was in high school,” Ray said, shaking his head.

Jason shrugged.

“It’s real, man, the pain is real,” he said, taking a long sip of beer and then placing the cold bottle on his crotch.

Ray laughed as Jason shook his head.

“I’ll have a beer of two, but then I’ve got to go home and do the only thing that cures it,” Jason said, jerking his fist back and forth.

Ray closed his eyes and waved his hands.

“Oh, I remember. That was your cure for most things in high school though,” Ray said draining his first beer.

As he stood sipping his beer he seemed about to say something, but he paused.

“What’s up?” Jason said between sips, being acutely aware of his best friends moods.

Ray shrugged, unsure, but then he seemed to make up his mind.

“What if I told you I had an even better cure for blue balls?” Ray said with a nervous grin.

Jason was confused. Then he was concerned. Then he started laughing.

“Shit, you had me going. I totally thought you were going to offer to blow me!”

Ray chuckled but the seriousness didn’t leave his eyes.

“No, dip shit, seriously. I have something way better than jerking off alone in your apartment to porn. I’ve actually got something I think you will appreciate a lot. Come in here, I’ll show you,” Ray said, walking into his bedroom.

Jason sat for a moment, wondering what the fuck was going on. Was his friend coming on to him? Was this all a prank? He was dubious, but he eventually got up and followed his friend into his bedroom.

“You are acting weird, Ray. I’m not using your fleshlight, I don’t care how long we have been friends,” Jason said, uncomfortable as he stood in Ray’s bedroom with him.

The bed was made, his desk was clean, in general his room looked organized and very unlike the mess Jason was used to seeing in his friend’s house.

He was creeped out.

“Okay, so, I’ve been keeping a little secret for a while. I wasn’t sure how to tell you but this seems like a good way. I have something that is really useful for exactly your situation and it would mean a lot to me if you, my best friend, would use it,” Ray said in an earnest tone.

Jason was eying the door. His best friend was never serious. Jason was trying to understand the sarcasm or find the punch line but he couldn’t.

Ray then walked to his closet and opened the door. What Jason saw made him jump.

The bar, where clothes hung, had been moved all the way to the top of the high closet and under his suits and dress shirts was a cage.

Inside that cage was a girl.

She was sitting quietly, legs folded under her. She didn’t look scared, she wasn’t tied up or anything. She just looked up from her book with large kohl rimmed eyes and fluttered her lashes at the two men.

The cage looked less like a dog crate and more like a birdcage. There was a mirror hanging on one side. There was a small lightbulb hanging from the top. There was a bowl of water and a plate of what looked like scones. The bottom was covered in pink pillows.

The girl was nude, except for long gray socks that came up to her thigh, a matching ribbon around her neck, and her black rimmed glasses.

She was very pretty. Large brown eyes, large full lips, adorably chubby cheeks.

She looked short, but seemed around Ray’s age, maybe a year or two younger.

She put her book on her lap and waited.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Jason said in shock.

Suddenly the three of them looked up, surprised by a whirling sound. On the wall was an old cuckoo clock. The little wooden bird popped out of its little hole and chirped nine times.

Jason’s eyes flashed from the ridiculous clock back to the girl in the cage. She was looking at the clock as well and after its announcement of the house she shifted in the cage, spreading her legs and facing the two men.

The girl in the cage then pulled from under the pillows a pink vibrator, like a mini-Hitachi Magic Wand, and brought it between her legs. With her eyes on Jason’s, she started the little thing buzzing. Her breath caught immediately.

“She has to do this every three hours. Even when she is sleeping, she has an alarm that wakes her up,” Ray said, slapping Jason’s arm.

“But get this, she can’t come. She just comes right up to the edge and then she has to stop. She’s been doing that for almost three weeks now,” he continued, marveling at his own genius.

Jason was speechless.

The girl was red faced. Jason tried to fathom what was going on in her head. Her whimpers and moans were quickening and getting louder.

“Let me explain, she’s is totally into this. It was actually her idea. She loves getting all locked up, getting teased and humiliated and edging over and over again until she is so frustrated she can’t think straight,” Ray explained.

Her cheeks darkened and her eyes widened. Her lithe body tensed.

“You better not come, little bird, do you hear me?” Ray said in a tone and volume that made Jason wince.

“Anyhow, yeah, that’s my little secret. And you know what else, she really loves the idea of me loaning her out to my friends. Just a fuck toy that can be shared. You think you might be into that?” Ray asked with a smile.

Jason just looked at him, mouth open, agog.

Ray seemed amused by Jason’s shock.

The moans of the girl in the cage came to a crescendo and her hips rose up rhythmically. Then suddenly turned off the vibrator and threw it to the side, then she pressed both of her hands between her legs as if to stop it from exploding.

She whimpered “no, no, no,” over and over.

Ray chuckled.

“That was a close one I think. Nothing gets her off like an audience, especially if there is an attractive stranger watching,” Ray confided.

Jason tried to speak but no words seemed forth coming.

“So listen, I know this is all a bit new for you. Just know that she is a very willing pet and nothing makes her happier than being used and owned by me. So this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to go see-” he checked his phone quickly, “the 9:45 showing of the new Avengers movie. You are very welcome to stay here and fuck and spank and use my little pet for as long as you like.”

Ray went to the nightstand and opened a little box, showing Jason the contents.

“Condoms, lube, etc. If she wants you to stop she’ll say red. Isn’t that right little pet?”

She nodded on cue.

“Speak,” Ray demanded.

She went to speak, but only a hoarse whisper came. She leaned down and sipped at the bowl of water. Then cleared her throat

“My master’s friends can use his pet how ever they want. If his pet needs to stop, his pet will say ‘red,'” she said in a practiced tone.

“Okay?” Ray asked, reaching for his jacket.

“Um,” Jason was trying to calculate if it was okay.

Ray put on his jacket and went to the closet, opening the little cage and helping the girl out of it.

“You will be a good pet and let my friend use you any way he wants,” he said as he straightened her little ribbon collar and her socks.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.

“And since you are being such a good little pet you can come after he comes. Would you like that?”

“Yes, sir, very much, sir,” she squeezed out.

Then both of them were looking at Jason expectantly.

Ray took a little leash from his nightstand and clipped it to the ribbon collar around the girl’s neck. He held the leash out to Jason.

“So?” he asked.

There was a long tense silence.

Jason reached up and took the leash.

Ray smiled.


In his best friend’s bedroom, holding the leash of a mostly naked girl, Jason listened for the slamming of the apartment door.

When the sound came he closed his eyes and thought deeply about his situation.

He was still high on the kisses of his first date with a pretty girl. His body was still primed to fuck. In his hand was the leash of a girl who had been kept in a cage consensually, made to masturbate, but not come, every few hours, and who was now ordered to do anything he wanted.

A slow electric feeling flooded his veins. Power. Power, desire, and confusion.

He looked down at her, kneeling at his feet. She was a pretty thing, oval face dominated by wide eyes amplified by thick black eye makeup that came to winged points. Her lips were fat and perfectly painted as well, a dark matte red.

“Anything you want.”

The words echoed in his head as his eyes ran over the girl’s neck, her shoulders, her naked breasts.

He felt the need to test the power he had been given. He reached down rather suddenly and grabbed the girl’s right breast. He marveled at the softness and the titillation of doing something sexual with a stranger.

She didn’t really react, she only pushed her chest out to give him better access to her body. It was so different than fooling around with a date. This girl was like a toy, a doll, an object for him to use.

It felt good to have power over something beautiful. He sighed deeply and pulled her up by her leash. Touching her and looking at her was one thing. He felt like he wanted something intimate. He wanted to see if she was really his.

“Kiss me,” he said as he leaned down.

She looked up at him through her thick lashes and then pounced, her lips soft and her mouth hungry.

Frankly he wasn’t ready for the kiss. He had been making out with his date for hours and yet this was a completely different and wildly passionate sensation. Her tongue in his mouth and her hands on his chest made his mind momentarily go blank. Her lips were agonizingly soft, sparking a need in him that was rough and dark.

He pulled her away by her leash, pushing her roughly when she seemed unwilling to break the kiss. She kneeled on the bed biting her lip, panting, and waited for his command.

“Lay back, spread your legs,” he said evenly.

Though there was no commanding tone to his voice, yet she jumped to follow his order quickly.
She fell back on the bed, on her back with her legs open and spread, bent at the knees.

Her pussy was shaved or waxed, looking as if it never had hair. Her lips were swollen, reddened, still aroused and engorged by her earlier torment with the vibrator.

“Touch yourself,” he said, still in a quiet tone.

She let her legs fall even farther open, her eyes on his as her fingers moved between her legs.

Her skin was a soft light brown, creamy and smooth, as she split the lips between her legs Jason groaned with want. Soft coral and rose pink, wet and vivid, shown as she dipped a finger in.

He watched her writhe a bit, her finger dipping again into wetness and her other hand moving to play with her clit. As he watched he wondered what brought her to that place in her life. How did she come to meet Ray and how she ended up in his bird cage in the closet and where one would even buy a cage like that? And how did she really feel about being loaned out to her “owner’s” friend.

She moaned as she got more into what she was doing, her eyes unfocused and her hands moving quickly.

He wanted to get in her head, but he guessed her mouth and her cunt were all her really had permission to use.

“Stop,” he commanded, and she did.

“Spread your pussy wider, show me every bit of you,” he said, standing and taking off his jeans as she did.

He marveled at the sight. Usually when he had sex with someone, like his ex-girlfriend, there were moments when he saw all of her, all the hidden bits, but not like that. Not exposed so completely.

Her pussy was fat. Thick outer lips, a ruddy rose. The inner lips somewhat small and a lighter pink. She pulled the lips wide apart and he saw everything.

“Now turn around, spread your ass.”

She jumped up, rolling over, sticking out her wonderfully round ass and spreading it as much as she could. As she did, she pressed her face into the bed, though he could see her cheeks turning red.

“Spank yourself.”

And she did, once, twice, three times, again. He smiled at that. He could see her handprints on her ass.

“Say dirty things while you spank and finger yourself.”

She met his eyes from over her shoulder as she spanked herself with one hand and slipped her other hand between her legs again.

“Stupid, dirty, little fuck hole,” she said, each word emphasized by a smack.

“All I am good for is a warm wet tight place for boys to come. All I am is a toy. A little fuck pet kept in a cage. An object to get passed around to my owners friends.”

Jason watched, rapt, impressed, hard.


She did. Her hands went to her thighs, squeezing and releasing as she panted.

Jason watched her as he took off his socks and boxer shorts. There was something odd about being naked in front of someone he had only met less than an hour before, but it was less odd than he would have imagined. Part of him had stop thinking of her as a person. She was just a pet, a toy, a little bird temporarily let out of its cage.

He wondered exactly how fucked up that line of logic was.

He got onto the bed, naked. More naked than the little bird, who was wearing those long socks and her little ribbon collar.

“Do you want to come?” he asked her.

She nodded her head emphatically.

“You can come if you can make yourself come on my cock,” he explained.

“My owner told his property that she could only come after you do, sir,” she reminded him.

Jason laughed. The whole protocol was so alien to him, but he liked how adamantly she abided by it.

“Well I guess you have your work cut out for you then,” he said, laying back folding his arms under his head and trying to relax.

Her eyes narrowed. She got up, went to a drawer, brought over a little pink box. From it she took out a condom. She kneeled next to Jason and for the first time since their kiss she touched him.

Her warm hands on his cock, then her pretty mouth. She sucked his half hard cock with such skill that his eyes closed and he let out a long low moan. She worked him with her hand and mouth and when he felt his body nearing the edge, she slipped the condom on.

She mounted him, throwing a leg over him and settling her small from down, guiding his cock into her as she sank down on him.

Jason’s hands went to her hips. She was on top, but he was in control. He pushed and pulled her on top of him, his hips pistoning up. She was tight and slick and her mouth was a little O as she moaned and whimpered.

She knew how to steady herself on her knees and let him push up against her. Her eyes closed and her hands went to her own breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples.

Then all he knew was the tightness of her, the smell of her body, soap and sweat and pussy, the feel of her wetness on his thighs, the sound of her moans and little bird whimpers.

The frustration of the night made his orgasm sneak up on him fast. Looking up at this stranger, this little sex slave, this woman he had never imagined could exist, made his pained balls tighten and the muscles in his stomach tense and then electricity flashed behind his eyes. He came hard, painfully, cathartically, as she rode him.

After he came, he felt her gently dismount him. She took the condom off. She cleaned him off with a soft rag. It was an indulgence he had never experienced before and it left him feeling languid and pampered.

He looked at her as she kneeled on the bed, biting her lip, waiting.

“You want to come so badly, don’t you?” he asked with a mocking laugh.

She nodded quickly.

Jason considered this. There was such a longing in her eyes. It seemed beyond a natural hunger. Her body shook with need. It had been primed over and over again. She had been fucked and not given release. Yet there seemed to be a pleasure in it all for her. The humiliation and control of a desire denied amplifying said desire.

It was something to watch.

“How much of a slut are you?” he asked with a cruel laugh.

She shrugged, looking down ashamed.

Laying on the bed he reached for her leash. He pulled her to him until she was straddling his knee.

He lifted his leg slightly so that his knee was pressed into her wet pussy. She ground on it slowly.

“You have to use my knee. Can you rub like a good girl?” he asked with a cruel bend to his voice.

She seemed confused about how it might actually work, but she tried almost immediately. On her knees and pushing her hips back and forth, Jason felt her wet pussy slipping against his knee.

“It’s been so long, hasn’t it?” he asked.

She nodded, not opening her eyes, never stopping her grinding.

It went on and on, her grinding becoming faster, her whimpers becoming more and more desperate. After a while Jason laughed.

“Not enough stimulation, huh?”

She let out a sob and shook her head.

“Hm, there is that vibrator I saw,” he said, looking over at the cage.

She looked up at him through her thick lashes and nodded.

“Seems too easy though, doesn’t it?” he laughed.

She pouted and cut her eyes at him. Then she looked down at his cock, once again hard.

He laughed again.

“I guess you deserve to come, but how can I make it entertaining for me?” he said standing up and looking around the room.

He changed after he came. He was more comfortable with the strange situation. He got off the bed and fished the vibrator out of the cage. He grabbed the girl by her hair and pushed her onto the bed. He roughed her up, slapping her ass, grabbing her tits, smiling as three of his fingers pushed into her wet cunt.

He was so engaged he almost didn’t hear the front door open.


Jason froze.

From the living room he heard the sounds of the front door closing and locking, then a jacket being hung up in the closet, then someone walking around, then silence.

He hopped off the bed and grabbed his jeans, almost falling over as he pulled them on.

“Jason?” said Ray from the other side of the bedroom door.

“Uh, yeah?” Jason answered.

“Sorry to come back unannounced, but you weren’t answering your texts.”

Jason didn’t know what to say.

“Just wanted to make sure you didn’t leave her all alone or get freaked out or anything,” Ray added.

“Um, no. We’re cool,” Jay said, looking at the mostly naked girl who had a rather bemused smile.

“Can I come in?” Ray said rather seriously.

“Uh,” Jason pulled on his shirt, not sure what to do and completely confused by the situation.

“I guess so.”

With that the door opened.

Jason watched as Ray’s face went from concerned to relieved to amused.

“Damn, to be honest I wasn’t sure if you had it in you,” Ray said, walking to the bed and pulling the girl to him by her foot.

Ray touched the little bird with a casual ownership that was completely different from the way Jason touched her. Ray pushed her this way and that, examining her. He smiled at the redness of her ass. He was pleased by the wet and swollen state of her cunt.

“Busy little bird,” he said under his breath.

“Sorry to barge in, I was just worried,” he said to Jason, not looking up from his examination.

Jason smirked awkwardly, brushing back his sweat damp hair. He took his phone out of his pocket and checked his messages. There were only Ray’s texts.

“Well, I guess I’ll leave you two alone. What do I say? Thanks?” Jason said with a crooked grin.

Ray laughed, “don’t go, I want to know how she did, was she good?”

Ray petted the girl’s hair as Jason looked for his socks.

“Good?” Jason asked, getting weirded out being in the same room with his best friend and the girl he just fucked.

Ray grabbed the girl by the hair and pushed her down on the bed. Her eyes glazed over with submission and her legs fell open.

“I mean, I let you use her, the least you can do is tell me if she was obedient. Sometime she can get bratty or greedy,” Ray said, smiling and tightening his grip on her hair so that she winced and whined.

Strangeness faced off against lust as Jason looked down at the writhing girl, her flushed skin growing pinker. Ray manhandled her, turning her on her belly so that she lay across the middle of the bed the two men stood on either side of, her face near Jason, her legs near Ray.

She looked up at Jason with pleading eyes. He wondered if she still wanted to come. He continued to look in those big brown eyes as her master asked him again “was she a good little slave girl for you?”

Jason nodded, his hand moving to her cheek.

“She was. She even reminded me that she couldn’t come before I did. And she wanted to come so badly. I was trying to figure out a way for her to come that would be entertaining. I couldn’t find one yet,” Jason said.

Looking in her eyes made it easier. He almost forgot that he and his best friend were both touching the same naked girl.

“That was very good, remembering not to come before you did. That kind of rule breaking wouldn’t have been fun for her,” Ray said, his hands moving up her legs to slap both of her ass cheeks and then spread her legs wider.

“But I know you fucked her. She wouldn’t be so red and begging to come if you didn’t,” Ray laughed.

Jason just nodded, not looking up.

He hadn’t put his boxers back on and his hard cock was pressing against his tight denim uncomfortably.

“She is a useful little slut isn’t she,” Ray said with another slap on her ass.

Jason agreed, two of his fingers slipping into her greedy mouth. She sucked hard, her tongue sliding across his skin.

“Very useful. So useful I was going to let her come before you came in,” Jason admitted.

“Oh yeah? I guess it has been a while. Maybe she has earned it,” Ray said as he climbed up on the bed, kneeling between the girl’s legs.

“Would you mind helping me with that before you go?” Ray asked, his voice subtly shifting, asking not as the guy with the slave in a cage but as Jason’s friend.

Would he mind? Hell, the day had been weird enough. Still, as he thought about it more, Jason realized the weirdness was somewhat superficial. The need rising in his blood killed it pretty quickly.

He pulled his fingers out of her mouth and slapped her across the face with his wet hand.


Her eyes went wide and Ray laughed as he pulled off his belt.

There was a feeling of being dragged into something wild, like being pulled by an undertow into deep waters. There was a new heat though, using such a pretty thing, pulling her between them like a toy tugged between two dogs’ mouths. Watching how turned on she got being an object for their pleasure and sadism. Being in a small hot room with so much sexual energy.

“Have you seen the look in her eyes when you hurt her? I’ve played around with a lot of people but I’ve never seen anyone get so turned on by pain,” Ray said, wrapping his belt around his hand, leaving only a foot of it hanging down.

He hit the girl with his belt, right on the ass. The sound echoed in the room. Her back arched and as a red line appeared on her ass she let out a slow moan.

Jason watched her, his hand moving to her hair. He pulled her hair and slapped her across the face again. Her eyes were rolling back, a trance of lust.

When Jason looked up he saw Ray undoing his pants. Some primal fear made him tighten his grip on the girl’s hair. Curiosity swirled in his mouth. The girl seemed to understand. She pushed herself towards Jason, her lips on the denim covering his hardness.

Ray’s cock was smooth, his hair trimmed short. It was a good size but not as long or thick as Jason’s, which gave Jason a little surge of pride.

Jason felt Ray’s eyes on him, but he couldn’t look up. He watched as his friend moved in on the girl, pressing his cock into her without warning or preparation. She gasped into Jason’s crotch.

Then the old rhythm started, though Jason had never been so close to someone else’s coupling. She was pushed against Jason again and again and her hands found the buttons of his jeans quickly. He felt an instinct to stop her, but then his cock was free and her mouth was hot on it.

Ray’s laugh rang out in the room and then his belt, again and again on her ass as she took two cocks. Her moans were muted by the cock in her mouth. The room smelling of sweat and sex as the three of them fell into a rhythm.

Jason pulled her by her hair onto his cock until she coughed and gagged and sputtered. He felt Ray pound into her then, as she choked.

Jason let her go free just in time for her to gasp for breath and beg, “please, sir, can I? Can I?”

Finally Jason met Ray’s eyes finally and the two men considered it.

Ray pulled away from the girl, Jason did the same. Ray turned her around so that she was on her back.

Jason looked down and realized that his friend was right, she was a greedy girl. She kept sucking Jason’s cock as Ray went around the room gathering things.

“Alright little bird, my friend said you could come if it was entertaining, so how about a game. If you can keep your legs open, you can come,” Ray said, dropping the vibrator on the bed.

She took it with one hand, keeping Jason’s cock in the other, sucking on the head as she watched her master.

Ray still had his belt in his hand. He stood at the edge of the bed and lightly slapped the girl’s inner thighs with the belt, left then right.

“Ok, you can play with the toy, little bird,” Ray said with a smile.

Jason adjusted himself, letting the girl continue to nurse on his cock as she played with herself. He looked at the bulbous head of the toy as she pressed it against her clit and then heard the soft buzz of it.

She stopped sucking as Ray hit her left thigh hard. There was a momentary movement of her legs, but she kept them open. She flinched as he hit her again. Jason could tell she was trying to come as fast as she could. He saw that sucking his cock seemed to help, so he pushed himself further into her mouth, grabbing her head and her neck and pulling her toward him.

Her breath quickened through her nose as she sucked and the buzzing continued and the belt kept coming and coming.

Jason looked up just in time to see it, her legs slapping closed, holding the belt in place. Then Ray lunging forward and grabbing the toy.

“Nope, not tonight,” he said sternly.
Jason stepped back, pulling his wet cock away.

It was something to see as Ray picked up the girl and carried her the short distance across the room, depositing her on the floor and leading her into her cage. He locked it just as she broke, sniffling and crying as he tucked his cock back in his boxers and pulled up his pants.

Jason put his cock away as well, reaching down and finding his lost boxers.

“Well, she almost did it. I was rooting for her,” Ray said with a smile.

Jason nodded.

“I was too. I guess she left us bothl down,” he said with a wry grin.

“Fuck, I could use a beer. You wanna get out of here?” Ray said, turning to let Jason pull off his pants, to put his boxers on and get dressed full.

“Damn, I would love some fresh air and a cold beer after that,” Jason said, finally fully dressed.

“What about her?” Jason asked, pointing at the sobbing girl in the cage.

Ray shrugged.

“I think she earned a little time alone to think about things.”

And with that, the two men left, shutting the lights before closing the door.

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