Loss of Control

It was just another morning. He was a little groggy from a long somewhat sleepless night. Sometimes his head got going when he laid down in bed and just wouldn’t stop. Too many mistakes to think about. Too many lapses in judgement.

When he finally got out of bed, he realized he had run out of milk and so he just skipped his coffee, which he was regretting as he got on the train.

His stop was the first stop and so he had the one mercy of always being able to get a seat. He piled on with the other sleepy commuters and they sat in the still train waiting for it to start, which usually took five to ten minutes.

The woman who sat directly across from him was very attractive. He tried not to stare at women on the train, but when you were both just sitting there and her legs just happened to be in your line of sight, it was hard not to at least enjoy it a little.

She was in her twenties, probably early twenties, she had long black hair in a tight ponytail. She had a somewhat dark complexion, perhaps Cuban or Dominican.

She wore a tight black sort of sheath dress with very short sleeves. The dress only went to her mid thigh, which made her very long very tan legs seem even longer. Plus she wore knee high black socks and black boots. The socks and her dress left a foot and a half of delicious skin exposed that he couldn’t keep his eyes off.

He was so hypnotized, he was startled when the train suddenly started moving. He chided himself for staring. He considered getting out his book or looking at the news on his phone, but somehow he knew it was too late.

Sometimes it just happened. Sometimes his power crept up on him. Usually he tried to keep things under control, but sometimes his subconscious took control.

As he eyed her, her legs slowly opened. He saw the shadowy triangle of purple panties between her legs and he covered his lap with his jacket.

Her legs were so perfect, too perfect. He couldn’t help it. He felt his mind stretch out, telling everyone else in the train car to leave. At the next stop, the train car was empty.

It was just him and her across from him. She smiled and licked her lips. Her legs opened farther apart.

He sorted through her thoughts carelessly. He put together some logic for her memories. How she was horny. How she had been watching the handsome stranger across from her on the train. How she knew he was eyeing her legs. How she would do something naughty.

As he watched, she pulled up her dress and hooked her thumbs over her panties and tugged them off. Down those pretty legs and then over her boots. She stuffed them in her pocketbook and spread her legs again.

The train slowed and stopped at the next stop. He reached out again and made sure no one else got on their car.

When the doors close he looked at the beautiful little slit between her legs. Pretty college girl, shaved bare.

His subconscious was working overtime, controlling her, changing her mind, amping up her desire. He watched her squirm as images flashed in her head.

“I know this is crazy, but could you eat my pussy? I really need you to,” she said almost desperately.

He hit the floor so fast his knees ached. He crawled over to her. Her hands were in his hair pushing him between her legs.

Then he was in heaven. She was wet and fresh and perfect. His tongue slipped between the lips of her pussy and he explored the tiny geography of her. She guided his head, moaning as his tongue found the right spot.

She moaned louder and whispered something in Spanish. Her long legs rose up and twisted around him, ankles cross behind his back.

She pulled him closer. His face pressed against her, his cheeks and chin wet, he kept licking slow delicious circles around her clit, his hands on her hips, then on her ass, groaning into her.

In the distance he heard the train slow, knew a stop was coming. He reached out with his mind and the train stopped.

“We apologize for the delay, we are experiencing train traffic ahead. We’ll be moving in, um, like ten minutes. Sorry,” said the conductor over the speakers.

She pulled at his arms and put his hands on her breasts. She pulled her dress up and he found her braless breasts, nipples hard.

There was nothing like eating pussy. He reveled in it, licking every bit of her. She squirmed and shifted to give him more access.

He bit her thighs, licked her smooth shaved pubis, dipped down right into the core of her heat and wetness, further down to her ass. She moaned louder and he continued to eat her ass as she rode his face.

She reached down and rubbed her clit as he twirled and slipped in his tongue into her.

“Coming, don’t stop,” she mumbled and grabbed his hair with her other hand, making sure he didn’t move.

She came hard, pressed down against his face and pulling his hair even harder.

Then she released him and he fell back on his ass.

The train lurched and the speaker let out a digital chime.

He got up and sat down in his seat again. As the train got to the next station he stood up and reached out his hand.

“We can finish this at my place,” he said.

She took his hand and smiled brightly at him, then they got off.

There was a pang of guilt, but sometimes he couldn’t help it. Sometimes his subconscious just took control of his powers. Anyhow who knows, maybe she wanted to do that anyway. Maybe it wasn’t even his powers. Maybe she just liked him that much.

He almost convinced himself of it as they walked to his apartment.

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