He was never content to receive. He was never happy with just one form of stimulation.

If they kissed sweetly, his hand would inevitably find her breast. If they cuddled, his palm would find the roundness of her ass.

Not that she minded. She liked to be useful. She liked to be desired. She liked to be his.

She was the kind of girl who had a deep seated need to please. For her, the act of sucking cock was transcendent. She was hypnotized by the rhythm of her head bobbing up and down. The smoothness of the skin, the hardness, the clean musk of him, the moans and whimpers he emitted when she had him in her clutches were her greatest loves.

But he wasn’t satisfied with just getting his cock sucked. In bed he would push and pull her body as she sucked so that he could see her cunt. He would rock his hips up, pushing himself further into her mouth, while his fingers toyed with her and explored her secrets.

He would mimic her mouth’s tempo with his fingers, pushing two into her pussy as his cock entered her mouth. Then she was confronted by the confusion of wanting to suck, to do it well, to make him come, and the insistent pleasure of his fingers.

She imagined another cock inside of her, like the one in her mouth. Being pistoned between two men, their need pushing and pullin her and forcing her this way and that.

Then when her orgasm came she tried desperately to keep sucking. It was like steering a boat against the wind and the waves. He would laugh at her and slap her hungry too-sensitive pussy and she would wallow in a beautiful mix of shame and afterglow.

Then he would slap her ass for real and the pain would remind her that she wasn’t done.

She would redouble her sucking as he groped her breasts and ass and even her sore pussy more.

Then when he tensed under her hands and her mouth she would ready herself for his come. Hot and slick in her mouth, the ultimate approval, more than even his sweet accolade of “good girl.”

Then, mercifully, for a little while he would be still, his hands sated, until his hungers and cock rose again.

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