She couldn’t help it. It just slipped out.

It was on the tip of her tongue the minute someone’s hand slipped down her pants. Sometimes she forgot about it completely until she dreamily found herself whispering it. It was always there though, uncontrollable, finding its way to her lips.

When someone fucked her from behind it was like they are fucking the word right out of her, pounding it out as if it were lodged in her belly.

Sometimes they choked it out with hands wrapped around her throat.

Sometimes they wooed it out, with whispers in her ear and kisses on her neck.

Sometimes she didn’t even notice that she has said it until they paused or fucked her even harder.

Sometimes she wasn’t supposed to say it and she had to cover her mouth or bite down on the pillow.

It didn’t matter who was fucking her, they were all Daddy when she closed her eyes. She even said it when she was alone and her fingers pushed into her so hard they hurt, it was Daddy. It was always Daddy and she was always his little girl.

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