Two Girls Under Covers

Chloe Gibson yawned and stretched in her warm bed. It was Sunday, sometime in the afternoon, she had been lounging under her thick blankets all morning and now she was getting restless. It was days like this that she felt like a cat, laying around purring softly as she baths in the sunlight streaming through her window. Only getting up lazily and getting some milk. But now she felt the world pulling on her, she felt another pulling as well, as if the cat she felt like was going into heat.

Absently, Chloe let her hands move under the thick comforter. The sun was shining in through the window even though it was nearly 30 degrees outside, and combined with the mass of pillows and blankets on her she was overheated and slightly sweaty. The heat hissed through the vents in her room adding even more heat. She thought about pushing off the dense coverings and opening a window, but the feeling of being aroused and so hot was making her feel dizzy and languid.

Warmth was growing between her legs and she bit her lower lip. She pulled her sheet hard letting it slide between here legs and rub against her panty cover sex. The slight friction made moan. She was really starting to get wet.

Shifting under the blankets, her hands went to her white cotton t-shirt, hunting for her hardening nipples. Finding them she pulled them roughly and twisted them. The soft, well worn, cotton felt like silk against her skin and she rolled her nipples in slow little circles groaning as the fabric teased her awakened flesh.

Downstairs, Chloe’s mother moved around the small house cleaning and dusting, oblivious to the goings on upstairs. She frowned a bit when she realized that it was past noon and her nineteen year old daughter was still sleeping. She shrugged off her concern with the knowledge that her daughter worked hard in college and deserved a break during her vacation. This was, after all, her first day off after months of tests and studying.

Chloe teased herself, never quite touching her most sensitive parts, but instead enjoying the slow building and the waves of erotic pleasure. Her young taught body was still covered by the blankets and now a thin sheen of perspiration covered her body.

Under the covers, she slid out of her shirt and wiggled out of her panties. The feeling of her old blankets against her naked skin was electric. She had forgotten what it was like to be alone in a room and to totally commit yourself to your own pleasure. In her dorm room she had to lay still and move her hand quickly and quietly against her sex to masturbate. She hardly ever did it for fear that her two roommates would catch her. Now she writhed around under her cover with abandon and closed her eyes to imagine playing like this for hours, exploring new plateaus of ecstasy.

As Chloe’s mother opened a window to shake out a small rug, she saw Chloe’s childhood friend, Darcy, was out side waving at her.

“Come on in honey!” Ms. Gibson shouted through the open window. The both smiled at they met at the door.

Ms. Gibson was amazed at how little Darcy had grown into a beautiful young woman. She fondly remembered the girl as a rather silly tomboy who was constantly around the Gibson home while Chloe was in grade school. Chloe and Darcy were almost never apart until they both went off to different colleges.

“Hi Ms. Gibson, happy holidays!” the two embraced in a warm hug.

Ms. Gibson practically pulled Darcy into the house and quickly closed the door.

“Come in, come in, Darcy. It’s freezing out there, you will catch your death.”

The young girl came in a and shivered from the near freezing wind outside.

Ms. Gibson took this time to look over the girl that had come to be a second daughter over the past few years. She was a year and a half younger then Chloe and by Ms. Gibson’s calculations that meant she just turned eighteen a few weeks ago. She smiled to see that the girl seemed happy and healthy, though she was a little upset that the girl cut off her long beautiful black curls and now wore her hair in a very short, stylish, but rather masculine hairdo.

The girl had very pale skin and was very petite, looking almost waifish. Her most distinguishing feature by far was her pouty bee stung lips. This made her pretty face look very sensual.

“Take off your jacket and let’s get some hot cocoa in you.” Ms. Gibson said fawning over her daughter’s favorite friend.

“Thanks Ms. G. Is sleeping beauty up yet?” Darcy said jokingly.

Ms. Gibson laughed as she hung up Darcy’s coat and the two walked over to the kitchen.

“No, not yet. I will go wake her up, you stay down here and get warm.”

Darcy quickly stood up from the kitchen table and moved to the stairs to cute Ms. Gibson off.

“No, wait Ms. G. I haven’t seen Chloe in months, can I surprise her.” Darcy said with excitement in her eyes.

Ms. Gibson smiled and nodded. “Oh you kids, go up there and tell Chloe that I am going to be busy down here getting the house ready for the big party and she should came down in an hour or so to help.”

Chloe nodded as she started up the stairs.

“Ok, but I have to warn you, we have four months of gossip to catch up on. We might be up there for a while.”

The two giggled.

Chloe started to pant as she slipped one finger between the hairless lips of her sex. She was slow and methodical. She arched her back as that same finger slipped into the wet tightness.

Quickly she pulled her hand away. She wiggled and turned under the thick wet covers. She pulled the covers further over her head and was overcome with the scent of her own sex. She brought her wet finger to her mouth and sucked it roughly, then she moved it back down to her sex and splayed the lips wide. She moved her other hand down and let a single finger move across her now exposed clit. Her body rocked and spasmed.

As she climbed the stairs, Darcy’s curious smile faded and her true emotions came to the surface.

She was hot. She had been fantasizing about seeing her childhood lover for weeks now. Her body was alive and her stomach trembled. She bit her already reddened lower lip in frustration.

The stairs seemed to go on forever, but soon she was at the door.

The white wood seemed so familiar, yet the whole place seemed smaller now that she had been out in the world.

Darcy had seen many things in the last few months, been both with women and with men. She had been to Europe and Australia and of all the amazing sights she had witnessed, none were equal to the erotic vision of Chloe, nude, back arched, legs spread, wet and moaning. It was that vision that made her awaken at night. It was the same vision that Darcy hoped she would soon see again.

Darcy placed her shaking hand on the doorknob and turned slowly, she wanted to surprise her old friend.

Chloe arched her back and rode her wet fingers under her blanket. She let out soft little moans each time her fingertips touched her hard little clit. Her sex was soaked now and burning hot. The lips were agitated and swollen, she felt like her whole body was on fire.

Darcy opened the door silently and slipped into the room with stealth. She closed the door and turned quickly putting her back to it.

The first thing that overcame Darcy was the rich heavy scent of sex and the sticky smell of bubblegum.

Looking to her right, she saw the large gumball machine that Chloe got for her twelfth birthday. Looking to her left she saw a writhing shifting form under purple and blue blankets.

Darcy held her breath as the small cooing and moaning brought her back to all the nights these two girls kissed and fucked until dawn. Darcy bit her lip to stop from sighing as she looked at the erotic show in front of her.

Chloe bucked and shifted trying to achieve a climax to this wonderfully torturous building, but to no avail. Where her fingers were once tender on her young skin, now she was rough with herself.

She pulled at her nipples and forced two fingers deep inside of herself. She finger fucked herself, letting her palm rub against her clit violently.

The heat and the power of her excitement was making her faint, plus there wasn’t much air under her thick wet sheets.

She gasped for breath and growled with need, then abruptly threw her blankets off of her and half way across the room.

Her eyes were closed tightly and her mouth was open wide. Her back and shoulders were pressed herd against the bed and her hips were thrust up in the air.

Darcy looked at the wild act taking place before her eyes and clenched her fists tightly.

Chloe’s skin looked raw and she could see the white trails of clawing fingers along her thighs and stomach.

She was covered in sweat, her chocolate brown hair matted to her pretty face. Her nipples were bright red and swollen. Her sex was glistening obscenely and she was working three fingers in and out of herself.

Darcy’s hands quickly moved to the buttons of her shirt. She nearly ripped off her shirt, then her bra, then the rest of her clothes.

Standing there nude in front of her naked lover, she felt her heart pound in her chest and her sex dampen.

Chloe climbed and climbed. The world around her was distant and dark. All that she knew was her heartbeat in her ears, the powerful throbbing in between her legs, and the tingling that signaled the start of her orgasm.

The cool air on her body made her wet skin even more alive. She started a fast rhythm with her hands and hips that she knew would bring her to heaven.

Then, suddenly, her world came to a stop.

Darcy face shined with a wicked smile as she jumped onto Chloe’s bed and pinned her arms to her sides.

Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs as her mind reeled in chaos. Her eyes flashed open and she was about to attack who ever grabbed her then her brilliant green eyes locked with Darcy’s.

Down the stairs, Ms. Gibson heard a yell. She smiled and nodded to her self thinking; “Those silly kids, always trying to surprise each other.”

Darcy moved hastily to Chloe’s side and placed her hand over Chloe’s mouth. She moved over the girl’s body and moved her face to the smoothly shaved mound above her sex.

Chloe didn’t have time to comprehend what was happening or where her old lover came from, because in seconds Darcy’s hot tongue snaked between the lips of her enflamed sex.

Darcy had never tasted such a sweet and powerful flavor. It was thick like syrup and coated her tongue and lips, making them warm and slick.

Chloe’s body went berserk. She bucked violently against Darcy’s mouth and cried into her hand. All reason left her mind and Darcy’s thick, unbelievably soft lips moved across her sex. Her tongue darted across her rock hard clit making her whole body convulse.

Finally those perfect pouting lips surrounded Chloe’s clit and Darcy sucked the tiny pink nerve into her mouth. While sucking, Darcy whipped it with her tongue.

This was more then Chloe could stand. An orgasm unlike any other hit her body like a physical blow.

Chloe’s mind when numb for a moment, then was filled with electricity. Every inch of her body felt like it was filling up with lava. Her muscles tightened and released over and over again. She was shaking and contorting violently, trashing about the bed.

Somewhere under the immense pleasure came an acute fear. Chloe didn’t know if her body could take this kind of pleasure. It seemed like too much.

Reaching down with such force it frightened her, Chloe tried to push Darcy away. Darcy kept her lips locked on her lover’s sex, riding the waves of pleasure.

Orgasm after orgasm rocked Chloe’s body. She couldn’t keep count. It was like a mad agony of pleasure. For a few seconds she couldn’t breath.

Finally, Darcy moved up and caught Chloe in the throws of an orgasm. She slipped her arms around her and held her tight. Moving her hand down, she cupped Chloe’s sex firmly and felt the girl’s legs press together tensely.

Darcy knew Chloe’s sex would be spasming and contracting and that holding her hand over it would be a start to her calming down.

After passing out for a few moments, Chloe lazily opened her eyes and looked into the face of the woman she had longed for since last summer. She took a deep breath and smiled weakly.

Darcy gazed into her Chloe’s eyes with love and lust. The two kisses gently and drifted into a midday nap.


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