Welcome to Writing Dirty, a collection of the writings of Jack Stratton.

A warning: the stories within often contain graphic depictions of sex and BDSM.

The easiest way to navigate this site is to take a look at the table of contents. If you are looking for some highlights, some of my most popular stories are Carolyn Blushes, The Wrong Smith Girl, and Ménage à Text.

Some personal favorites are Knowledge Base – a Sherlock Holmes tale, Wake Up – an example of a particular fetish of mine, and the Mister McIntyle’s Secret series – a Mad Men-esque tale of a secretary who will do anything for her handsome boss.

There are over one hundred pieces of writing on this site, fiction and non-fiction. I have also published a variety of ebooks, which are available on my books page. If you have enjoyed this site and would like to give me a tip, you can do so though PayPal.