His Step-Daughter’s Little Pink Phone

his-step-daughters-little-pink-phoneJake tries to help his eighteen year old step-daughter make her way through her first year of college. When he finds nude pictures of her on her phone can he control the dark desires they ignited?

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“Please daddy, don’t leave me,” she whispered between tears.

Her mouth was on his cheek, then she buried her face in his neck. She squirmed against him and he shifted and suddenly felt how hard he was. He twisted away so she wouldn’t notice, but she thought he was trying to leave her and she held on tighter. She kissed his neck.

“Don’t leave me daddy, please. I’ll do anything,” she whispered.

Then her knee brushed against him and they both froze.

She moved her knee away, but she held him just as tight.

“Just hold me daddy, please. I’ll be good.”

The wrongness of it all made him feverishly ashamed. The pictures in his head, from Maddy’s phone and only a few hours before of Tiffany. Looking down at her pert breasts and how the low neck of her tank top exposed the swells of them. How the nipples poked out and how he could just barely see the outline of the areolas through the cotton.

“I got to go to bed,” he said and nearly threw her off as he tried to escape to his room.

She followed, she wouldn’t leave him alone. A moment after he collapsed in bed she was there next to him pulling the covers over them and cuddling up next to him. She’d stripped down to a t-shirt and panties and Jake was so drunk for a moment he didn’t remember if she was Tiffany or Maddy.

She turned and pulled his arms around her, making him spoon her. He tried, pulling his hips back so that his raging hard cock was nowhere near her, but she pushed her little bottom back instinctively. His hardness made contact with her bottom and she froze again.

“Daddy?” the word was long and both a question and a statement of shock.

He didn’t know what to say, he tried to pull back more but she pushed back again.

“It’s okay daddy. Just hold me tight. Pleaseeeee. It’s okay,” she kept whispering.

She pushed back again and his cock, still covered by his boxers, slipped between her legs, resting just under her panty covered sex. She closed her legs around it and pulled her step-father’s arms around her.

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