Wet Spots

My fingers slick with her, she lays on top of me, turned around. Her legs on each side of my chest and spread wide right in front of my face. Her mouth far away doing the most wonderful things to me. That is the world I am in now, pleasure radiating and unseen while every secret spot on her is exposed right in front of me.

I know her by now, every twist and turn and little button. I work her like a well loved little music box. My fingers slipping in and bending just so, moving and pushing until I find the angle and the rhythm. Then she is unable to continue with my cock because her mouth is too full of moans and whimpers.

When I add a toy into the mix she is gasping and then suddenly struggling because it is too much. I clamp on to her legs in a wrestler’s lock and I continue as she tried to pull away from the intensity of the vibrations and my fingers. Her moans become frantic and then she is tensing and tensing and her struggling suddenly becomes desperate and she is trying to warn me and then…

At first it is a train of clear water down her thigh and then it squirts like a little torrent. Her body is so overcome she is bucking like a animal trying to escape a trap. It goes on and on until it seems like almost too long, like something is wrong but then suddenly she is still except for her trembling legs.

This is the third time in a row and so I relent. I let her go. She is gasping for air, like she was just pulled from the ocean. Long gulps of the Autumn wind coming in through my open window and she sounds like she is sobbing. I can see her wet sex contracting, still.

When she finally gathers her strength she turns and attacks me with kisses. She kisses me all over my face. She kisses my lips and holds my head and it is like I just came back from a war or gave her a birthday present she has been waiting for all year.

So I am sort of addicted to making girls squirt. Especially girls who say things like “I’ve never squirted!” or “I only squirt when I am by myself!”

Before six months ago I had sporadic luck when it came to getting girls to really gush. There were two full on experiences and another that I am fairly certain about. After my last relationship ended I set my mind to the task and now I am becoming a pro.

It’s not for wimps, let me tell you. It takes some hard work, elbow grease if you will, plus a lot of paying attention. Female anatomy, psychology, not to mention the laundry bills. Plus you have to know when it just isn’t going to work. One of the many keys is not telling them what you are trying to do, but making sure they are comfortable enough to know that they can.

I will not get into numbers, but there have been more than a few girls I have gotten there. By finger or cock or Curve or Miracle Massager. Curve or Miracle Massager being the easiest, fingers being almost as good, cock being really hard to master.

I wonder if there is a doctor who will make my cock into the exact shape of the Curve.

The thing is, there is really nothing as satisfying as physical evidence. I can see where the fans of cum are coming from. Something is produced and you can smile and hold up wet hands and say “I did this!” What’s better than that?

I actually know someone, a family friend of all things, who is doing a documentary of sorts on the g-spot. She looked me in the eye and said “Yeah, I’m still not sure female ejaculation is real.” It took all my strength not to say “give me some lube and 10 minutes” It would have made Thanksgiving a little uncomfortable.

It has come to the point where when I think about past relationships I regret not knowing what I know now. Not to say that female ejaculation is the end all be all of sex, it isn’t by any means, but it is just damn fun and it makes me feel damn powerful, for better or worse. There are also all kinds of psychological and D/s things that can happen when a girl squirts. The bed is a mess, she gets embarrassed to some degree (depending on the girl). There is also the fact that I am big into forced orgasm play and making a girl squirt in that scenario and then letting her sort of sit there tied up and stewing in her own juices is just delicious.

This weekend it went to another level. Often I am kissing the girl or fucking her or something and I only see the puddle forming or hear it or feel it. This time I saw it for real. I saw it shoot out like a geyser. It was more than awesome. I get giddy when I think about it and I want to make it happen again. It’s like a trick, a wonderful little trick that makes girls feel good.

One little note about something that unintentionally came in very handy. About a year ago I, like a lot of New Yorkers, was stuck by the plague that is bed bugs. My apartment was eventually completely fumigated, but one of the safety precautions was putting my mattress in a nylon bag. Now, I put sheets over the nylon so I don’t feel it at all, but it is a wonderfully helpful thing when things get a bit wet. For $14 you can’t go wrong.

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  1. Bianca says:

    I am jealous of these lucky lucky women. I have never ejaculated and would love to experience something this powerful. I finally bought a sunflower G-spot toy to help me out, but still no luck. I just need to learn how to let it go and enjoy it. Here is hoping that the day will come soon.

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  3. kttncat says:

    i love it when i am made to leave puddles of come everywhere, id never felt that tumbling and shuddering release before my b, He undertook it with such mischevous glee too…it is utter submission to be made to come till my thighs tremble and the sheets are soakedmmmmmmmm….

    i don’t know what there is not to believe about female ejaculation, it feels amazing and seems to be one of the many types of orgasm a good bitch can be made to have….

  4. Roxy Harte says:

    I love FE! So much I blogged about it too:)
    Hope you don’t mind that I share the link here…



  5. M says:

    god i love your blog….

  6. Desiree says:

    I’ve always been scared to squirt. I guess part of me thinks that it means I’m incontinent. I was a bed wetter. Baggage….

    But seriously…HOT!

  7. Natt Nightly says:

    Mmmm, I dated a girl who had making me ejaculate down to a science. It made towels a pre-requiste for sex, but it was really hot.

    PS Consider yourself tagged

  8. DLA says:

    Wow.. hey i’m jealous too.
    I have never squirted. However, i do have ten minutes and some lube ;)
    Anyway, you have real talent and for that i salute you (:

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  10. mina says:

    Can I just say I have never squirted? *wink* Fantastic post… I hope to squirt one day too. For now, I delight in the fact that Sylvanus can make me cum :)

  11. The Fury says:

    Good post. LOl @ the family friend because female ejaculation really still is a “urban legend” to many even to some women that have done it and STILL can’t believe it. Finding a woman that lets herself go like that is hard, but when you do…it’s such an incredible experience.

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  21. kateanon says:

    Not every man could do it for me, and ever since a surgical procedure it happens much more often, but those who cherish it? They let me experience such a rush (and a gush) and I’m grateful. Could you please let me know where I can get one of these bags? I’d been using a waterproof mattress pad, but sometimes even that is not good enough to ease my concern.

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  39. Dominique Blacken says:

    very interesting reading,  I found it most helpful in fact.
    I want to write dirty Fiction,  about a Rich  20 something  woman
    who meets a boy over the Net or, maybe they meet in a Park.  She’s
    Married her husband  works away most times, they have no Children.
    so she turns to abusing small  boys.

    Dominique. Blacken.

  40. leila says:

    this is cute. really nice beginning and actually great writing all the way through. 
     nice to see a little something about female ejaculation (without the question of wether it’s pee or not – I don’t know why someone hasn’t just sent a sample into the lab). Mostly FE is something I’ll happily do when I’m alone (because of the mess) but my boyfriend has gotten me there before and what was so cool about that was how taken he was with me and how he saw me as being just so totally sexy and how he made me feel so sensual and wonderful at the same time. It’s good for me to feel loved enough to be able to expose something like that and not be inhibited.

  41. zillytron says:

    I am still getting used to squirting, I am still embarrassed (and not in a pleasurable way) most of the time and have had partners who didn’t seem to believe in it either, I think they thought I was just incontinent. But I have also had partners who love it, including a lovely fellow I’m seeing currently, and hearing about other men who are really into it too helps me to relax, so thankyou. I love that some people can make my body do this incredible thing, even if it does result in a chilly wet patch on the bed. Towels and out-of-bed sex have helped a lot too. The interesting thing is I can’t ever make myself squirt, I really need someone else to push me over the edge enough!

  42. Lucille says:

    Great read! I remember the first time I squirted, I was only a teenager mucking around in the bathroom and it came as such as shock. I’ve only done it a few times since but it is always so satisfying!

  43. Michael Meyers says:

    omg my legs are trembling. to know that there are people out there who like this makes me feel a little better, however it so embarrassing still. but wow when a guy can do this, its sort of amazing. c:

  44. Gmx_95 says:

    I’ve orgasmed before but never really came like the girls In your stories. You sound so hot, I wish I was as lucky

  45. Elifuzzface says:

    here is something i have come up with myself : We bumped around, from wall to wall down her hallway,
    and somehow, never found our way into her room, she had lost her keys. So, I
    shoved her down onto the diamond spotted carpet and started kissing her, her
    soft red lips pushing against mine, her honey brown eyes, pulsing with desire,
    but I knew her inside oust. I knew how to get the best out of her. So slowly, I
    unbuttoned her shirt as people from the rooms next door came down to watch,
    despite themselves. I knew how to play her, slow, then fierce. So as I slowly unbuttoned
    her shirt, I started rubbing my hardened cock against her wet pants. She was
    one of those girl’s who got completely soaked in their own lust, finally, I
    ripped off her shirt, and rubbed my hands all over her naked breasts, the tops
    of her voluminous breasts pushed out of the tops of my hands as I kneaded. She
    moaned with desire. Suddenly, she flipped us around, so she was on top. As she
    sat of my cock, she looked at me, surprised. “Somebody glad to see me?” “Oh,
    yah, and he misses his old friend, the bestest friend in the world, pussy.” She
    ripped off my pants with such force, I fell on the ground. “what do we have
    here?” she said, in a seductive tone. My dick was throbbing. It’s full redness
    was extending………..

  46. Cheeze713 says:

    I so wish that there were more guys like you in the world… Maybe a little less “pain” oriented, but definitely like you. I’m pretty sure I had one like you a while back, but stupid decisions and a bad attitude about them kinda chased him away. Pity we never got past making out. In person, anyway. *winkwink*

  47. Blythe says:

    I wish so badly that a guy could do that to me… I haven’t found a guy yet how can dominate me like u do your girls. Maybe one day, but in tell then please continue writing! 

  48. Debbie Smith says:

    I am with a guy who didn’t know that female ejaculation was real. The first time I squirted, he was very surprised. Now, it is the biggest turn on for him. He absolutely loves it. He makes me feel so sexy and sensual. No need to feel embarassed at all. The only drawback……I do a ton of laundry after we have sex, but believe me it is well worth it.

  49. misteryme says:

    u dam right it is a wonderful little trick, just wish more men will go on just a little longer that i can get there

  50. Kaffy says:

    I too am a “squirter” and I LOVE IT :-)

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