Step-Sister’s Secret

step-sisters-secretStep-Sister’s Secret is the story of what happens when Sara, a teenage girl with purple hair, glasses and a dirty mind finds her step-brother’s collection of dirty stories in his room when he is away at college.When she confronts him about them and their illicit nature, the siblings are pulled into an intense whirlwind of seduction, tension, guilt and sex.

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Here is an excerpt:

“I’ve noticed a theme in your work, sis,” he said, trying to sound casual. He was trying to stay in control. “This ‘wrist grabbing’ thing, it’s in every story. You know what I mean?”

She croaked out a whispered “yes.”

“Now, you may not realize it, but it’s a very basic dominance and submission symbol. It’s nothing as big as ropes and leather, just a little act of dominance,” he emphasized this by pulling her arms up a little behind her back, making her straighten her back and let out a little whimper.

“But I notice you always have it the same way, the guy is always holding the girl’s wrists and pressing her down on the bed. There are a lot of other ways to hold a girl’s hands.” He looked forward and saw that the she had a full length mirror on her closet door and they were face to face with their reflections. She watched him, her mouth a little open and her eyes glazed over with lust.

“See, if I have you like this it makes you even more vulnerable. Plus it makes your back arch and your breasts stick out.” He looked at her reflection, how her chest was making her buttons strain and between each button he could see the tiniest glimpse of skin and a red bra.

“Understand?” he whispered into her ear. She moaned a little and weakly answered with a hissing “yes.”

“This is feedback.” he said, slipping both of her wrists into his left hand, easily holding both of them with one hand. “See, now your male protagonist can have one hand free.”

He moved his other hands around her waist and pressed her against him. He slipped his palm up her chest and unbuttoned the button that was straining the most, the one right between her breasts.

“Come on, sis,” he breathed into her ear with playful mocking. “This is story feedback, haven’t you been begging me for this?” he opened the next button and the next until he could see her bra which was bright red satin fringed with black lace. It looked perfect against her pale skin.

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