Writing Dirty: Over the Knee Socks and Over the Knee Spankings

writing-dirty-over-the-knee-socks-and-over-the-knee-spankingsA collection of seven erotic short stories that touch on sex, BDSM, taboo role play, or other kinky themes.

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Table of Contents:

Ménage à Text
A woman returns to the apartment of a lover who uses all of her emotions against her. Even the ones that will hurt him.

A rather awkward date with a girl with OCD and how it goes unexpectedly well.

Two girls tied together in a studio. Rope and friends make for interesting times.

Sick Girl
An invitation to take care of a sick former lover turns into a game and perhaps something more serious. (ageplay, daddy/girl role play)

Ana buys a remote controlled vibrator tests it with a friend out on the town.

A girl is made into a puppet and then made to take another girl; all while poor Jack watches and writes it all down.

A broke roommate finds an interesting way to pay her half of the rent.

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