Writing Dirty: Bondage, Discipline, Glasses, and Bunny Ears

writing-dirty-bondage-discipline-glasses-and-bunny-earsA collection of seven erotic short stories that touch on sex, BDSM, taboo role play, or other kinky themes.

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Table of Contents:

The Barista
Jack was addicted. Addicted to coffee and the sexy, snarky and sarcastic barista with the big tits and the dangerous eyes.

A hot day, two people working alone in a bookstore. Tensions have been growing for weeks. In the backroom things might just come to a head.

The Secret I Couldn’t Keep
A correspondence leads to a meeting that shouldn’t last as long as it does and shouldn’t lead to what it leads to.

Betty the Bruiser
A little moody piece about a pouting roller derby girl, some bourbon and a black eye..

Our Stop
Taxi rides can be exhilarating with the proper partner.

Slow Summer Heat
Sometimes a long, hot, sticky day leaves you with an itch you need to scratch.

What is in a Name
A story about two people pretending to be something else.
Warning: This post involves Daddy/little girl roleplay. Everyone involved is over eighteen.

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