Bunny Tales: Two Erotic Fairytales

bunny-tales-two-erotic-fairytalesTwo erotic fairytale stories, one inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the other a darker fantasy world.

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An Excerpt from “A Meal of You”

“Listen, my name is Alice. I’m not a rabbit at all, I’m just a little girl. You can’t be serious about cooking me!” Alice said in a worried but even voice, trying to talk sense into these strange people.

“Of course you’re a rabbit, look at your ears.” Millicent said with her hands on her hips, her brother nodding in agreement.

“Why, you… you just put them on me!” Alice said, not believing her ears, so to speak.“A likely story. Millicent go and fetch a bucket and washcloth.” Horatio said, giving Alice a stern look.

“That won’t be necessary, I just had my bath last night.” Alice explained, but the siblings both let out a laugh.

Alice pouted and sighed deeply. There seemed to be no way out of this strange culinary predicament.

Horatio stepped closer to her and took her soft blond hair in his hand. He then pulled from his pocket a length of twine and proceeded to pull her hair back and tie it into two neat pigtails so that not one hair fell into her face or onto her shoulders. As he did this Alice noticed his gaze falling onto the slope of her shoulder and down to her bare chest.

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