The Date: An Erotic Short Story

the-date-an-erotic-short-storyA date is more than it seems. Two geeky kids in a car play a dangerous game. Warning: consensual non-consent roleplaying.

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An excerpt:

My fingers moved up to the edge of her shirt and then under it. She made a tiny angry huff and tried to push it away but I slipped my hand under her shirt and moved it up the hot skin of her stomach and then cupped her lacy bra-covered breast.

“No!” she cried and pulled at my hand, but I caressed and relished the soft forbidden delicacy of her body as she tried to pull me away. I pulled at her bra and then at her insanely soft skin until I freed one breast from confinement. She pulled at my hand, but I wouldn’t budge. Once my fingers felt the delicious little nub of her nipple I was lost to anything but the feel of her.

That’s when she smacked me.

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