Post Script – Harry Potter Fan Fic

Oh and just to destroy all respect anyone had for me, I give you… Harry Potter porn. Keep reading and you will see the slash.

Title: Bad Timing
Summary: Draco finds a diversion during summer vacation, but he is caught in a rather compromising position.
Pairings: Draco/Ginny, Draco/Ginny/Pansy, and Draco/Crabbe/Goyle
Rating: NC17 (Very graphic bits of sex)
Warning: Sex between 5th and 6th years! A not very hard to figure out twist ending!
Words: 1540

Bad Timing

It was just after his fifth year at Hogwarts and Draco Malfoy didn’t have very much to be happy about, but a guest had come to liven up his day and he was planning on taking full advantage of it. He didn’t get many visitors and he was going to make sure this visit counted.

A small shadow stood at his door. It was the scaly little house elf his father had gotten as a replacement for Dobby.

“What is it Grool?” He spat at the little creature.

“Y..your guest is ready.. sire.” The house elf was very subservient and bowed several times while speaking.

“Excellent. Send her in and then make sure we are not disturbed.” He said, smoothing his hair and clothes.

The robe he wore was his casual study attire. A robe of the finest black satin, tied simply with a silvery cord around his waist. The cuffs and hem of the robe were lightly engraved with a silver snakes.

A redheaded girl entered the room quickly, closing the door behind her and pausing to rest against it. Draco looked up at her and smiled darkly. He walked quickly to his desk and picked up a large hourglass, turning it over so the powdery white sands started to flow into the empty half.

“Finally. We can begin.” He said, rolling up his sleeves a bit.

The girl looked down. She was very pale skinned and looked a year or two younger then Draco. She wore a green dress of a thin gossamer material. It was slit down the front to the middle of her chest and the material was just transparent enough to show the darker circles of her.

Draco licked his lips as her looked over her body. The girl looked down at the ground, her cheeks bright red in shame.

“What is your name… girl?” Draco whispered, walking closer to her.

The girl looked down more, her red hair falling over her eyes and almost covering the blush that was now spreading to her ears and in a v down her chest.

“Ginny… Ginny.. Weasely.” She stuttered. She seemed to get more nervous by the second and as Draco moved closer to her, she started to shake a bit.

“Your full name.” He ordered, putting his hand on her chin and lifting her face up so that their eyes met.

“G..Ginerva Weasely.” Her bottom lip quivered as she spoke.

“And what are you doing here?” Draco asked with power in his voice.

“I’m… I’m here to serve you, Draco.”

Draco smiled wider.

“And you will do anything I want?” He asked, letting her chin go and taking her hand.

“Yes, master. I’ll.. I’ll be your… slave girl.” She seemed very eager, but a very nervous and unsure of herself.

Draco led her to the bed and then disrobed her quickly, pulling off the thin dress and throwing it over his shoulder.

“Now, I want you to get on the bed and open your legs for me. I’ve always wondered what redheads taste like.”

With that, Draco Malfoy went about putting his slave to good use.

It wasn’t until the last grain of sand fell into the bottom of the hour glass and Draco Malfoy rolled off his plaything. The red headed girl grabed the sheet and covers herself. She slipped off the bed and ran for the door.

Draco looked down at the pillow. A single rogue strand of red hair wiggled on the silver sheet. It curled and shrunk into a dull blackish brown hair.

Draco picked it up and tossed it off the bed, then he threw the pillow off as well.

From the door a mismatched face appears. Reddish hair darkened, face wide and fat. Eyes that glisten with tears.

“You won’t tell… right? You promised you won’t tell, Draco!” The soft silver bells of Ginny’s voice gave way to the rubble of another more masculine tone.

“Trust me, no one in the universe will ever know what happened today… no one. Now go away… I will write to you when you can contact me again.” Draco’s tone was icy and cruel.

The door started to close.

“And next time… Bring your friend. I will send you what you need.” Draco commanded. Then he buried his face in the sheets, just deep enough not to hear the horse whimpers retreating down the hall.


A week later two figures stood at the foot of Draco Malfoy’s bed. He smiled wickedly as Ginny slipped off her robe revealing nothing beneath it. Next to her, the raven haired Pansy Parkinson let her robes fall as well revealing a new body for Draco to relish.

The two of them looked marvelous together, with equally pale skin. Ginny’s only lightly dusted with freckles and Pansy’s set off by the darkness of her hair. Both of them had completely shaved the hair between their legs and each sported loose fitting black leather collars around their necks.

Draco sat up in bed. He wore a loose robe and a grin of pure power and elation.

“You two have followed my instructions well. Perfectly, actually. Frankly I’m shocked that you two could pull off such an act, but I suppose if given the right incentives one can do just about anything.”

The two girls looked at each other and shrugged.

“Nevermind, we haven’t got time to waste…” Draco said, wringing his hands “I want to see you two kiss.”

Ginny made the first move and turned to the slightly older girl and put her hand on her cheek, turning Pansy’s face and then brushed her lips with her own.

“Keep going!” Draco said as he pulled off his robe with glee.

Pansy slipped her arm around Ginny and their kiss deepened. Their breasts touched each felt the other’s nipples harden. As their tongues twirled and mingled, Draco slipped off the bed and walked over. He slipped a finger around each one of their collars and pulled them apart.

“I am going to fuck the two of you until you hand walk. You understand me?”

The two girls nodded, half smiling half afraid.

“Now get on the bed and get each other wet… I have a little engorgement spell I’ve been meaning to try.”

They both looked at him oddly.

“Not that I need it! I mean… it is just to… enhance our little game.”

And so the three of them embarked on the most amazing sexual escapade any of them had ever imagined.

After a while, the three of them wrestled on the bed, bodies sweaty and naked. When they finally stopped moving, Draco stood next to the bed, taking Ginny as she lay stretched out on the bed. Pansy kneeled with her knees on either side of Ginny’s head, letting the redhead kiss and lick her sex.

All of them were too consumed with their little orgy no one noticed the last grain of sand falling in the bottom of the hourglass.

Draco continued to slip in and out of the deliciously tight Ginny as he watched with almost disbelief at the voracity and skill with which she licked and ate Pansy’s shaved sex. Pansy was going absolutely mad, pulling at her hair and writhing wildly.

It was just then that Draco felt something. It was something solid blocking his entrance into the wet depths of Ginny Weasley. He pulled out of her just in time to see her pink lips and shaved pubis bloom like a flower into a rock hard penis.

“Damn! The time!.” He cursed and looked up.

Kneeling on the bed was now the chubby, hairy and very naked Crabbe. Under him was the equally naked Goyle. Both of them were covered in sweat and beet red.

“I… I…” Crabbe tried to say something, but failed.

Draco frowned bitterly. He looked down at his throbbing magically enhanced penis and grabbed it, stroking it slowly.

“Oh, what the hell.” He said almost to himself and then lifting Goyle’s legs up, he pushed his cock, still wet from Ginny’s juices, right into Goyle ass.

“Oh!” Goyle gasped. “Oh, thank you Draco!”

Crabbe watched in awe and then smiled as Goyle started his licking over again on his new target, Crabbe’s balls.

It was just then that the door flung open.

“Draco, I just received some news that the Dark…” Narcissa Malfoy said as she walked into the room with the grace and power of a queen. Then she stopped, looking at what was happening on the bed. The three boys looked up at her in pure blood curdling horror.

Narcissa pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes.

“Oh, Draco.” She said, shaking her head and sighed hard.

“You’re just like you damned father.”

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