I was listening to the Masocast (which I recommend highly), and Axe was interviewing Troy Orleans. I met Troy once and she beat me viciously in the most painful way possible–at Scrabble.

Troy mentioned something on the podcast called a tag party and it got me thinking. I looked for more information on them online and didn’t find anything. (If anyone knows of resources or writeups about tag parties please comment or email)

The idea of a tag party, as I understand it from Troy Orleans’s description, is a party in which everyone who attends is willing to play. Each partygoer wears a tag in which they write three acts that they are willing to participate in and the role they wish to play in said act. i.e. Spanking/Top, Rope Bondage/Top, Flogging/Bottom.

Anyone at the party can come up to anyone else and ask to participate in one of their tagged activities. Partygoers are expected to play with anyone who requests one of their tagged activities for a minimum of five minutes. After that either person can end play or they can negotiate more time and other activities if they both participants are agreeable.

The minute I heard this description a light went off in my head. Yes, this sounds like exactly the kind of party I want to go to! The basics are all laid out and you can get a little sample size scene with anyone.

Really, this isn’t to say that all guesswork and mystery is taken out of interactions, it’s just that a lot of the initial rundown of the basics are handled by a neat list. Also describing acts you want to participate in as opposed to definitive life roles seems like such a great way to get to know someone. I will tell you what I like to do, not who I am. You have to figure out who I am on your own.

So what’s on your tag?

I sat down on the train this morning and tried to work out my default desires. I have lots of things that depend on specific people/places/emotional states, but these are things I am pretty much always up for.

I did consider, though, that some of these are gender specific for me. I have noted those, though a lot of the reasons why are biological or just because I don’t know how to work boy equipment as well as I know how to work girl equipment.


Probably my number one kink. Over the knee. Paddle, belt or wooden brush, but come on, the bare hand is always the best. Squirming is encouraged, but comes with a price.


The mere sound of the whish through the air gets me hard. The bruises days later make my face hot. The whole thing, from testing taps to aftercare is amazing to me. From intense session with real masochists to showing a beginner the ropes.

Flogging, Impact & Sensation Play/Top or Bottom

Good solid fun! I like working it out with someone. Finding out what they can take and where they take it best. Punching, slapping, hitting with things. Always a fun time.

Rope Bondage/Top or Bottom

I’m still learning, but I have a good grasp on the basics! I nice chest harness, a hog tie, all sorts of interesting predicaments.

Forced Orgasm/Top to Female Bottoms

Tied down or held down. High powered vibrators, aggressive g-spot stimulating toys, anything it takes. Figuring out how to make someone come and then making them do it over and over again until I’m satisfied.

Forced Squirting/Top to Female Bottoms

I enjoy making girls squirt. In fact I would say it is very high on my list of wants, but honestly (and it took me a while to figure this out) I enjoy it even more when the bottom tries not to squirt and is embarrassed about squirting. That part isn’t essential at all, but the humiliation and squirming is a lovely frosting on an already wonderful cake.


This takes a little more trust and a little more getting to know you, but hey, you can scratch the surface just about anytime. If someone lets me I can fuck them up pretty well.

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  1. Now I’m going to have to listen to that podcast too! I also get where you were going with this when you tweeted about “want” lists vs. “won’t” lists. Makes more sense in the long form, FWIW.

    Now, who’s planning the tag party?

  2. Now I’m going to have to listen to that podcast too! I also get where you were going with this when you tweeted about “want” lists vs. “won’t” lists. Makes more sense in the long form, FWIW.

    Now, who’s planning the tag party?

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