About Jack Stratton

tumblr_n1x606NCHB1tol3sao5_500Jack is thirty-nine years old, was born in and lives in New York City. He spends half of his days writing and the other half working in a library, but not being a librarian.

Jack has spoken about erotic writing and the internet at Sex 2.0, Conversio Virium, three KinkForAlls, The Queer Literary Carnival, and EroticonUSA.

He has been blogging since blogging started and has been writing about sex in one form or another for over two decades. From the strange and heady days of BBSs to Usenet groups like alt.sex.stories.moderated, to blogs and eBooks, he has always been curious about how and why people write erotica online and how anonymity and community affect literature.

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