This site is currently undergoing a few changes, as is this site’s owner.

Trying to figure out what direction things will go in. Trying to figure out what kind of stories I want to tell.

For now, here are some of the more popular older stories I’ve published. (They are mostly erotica.)


The Bet – Crooked poker, private eyes, dames, guns, and love.


Wake Up – A dreamy half-remembered morning where the power play of the night before is turned on its end, and that end is positioned directly on top of his face.


Faux Hunt – A weird period piece having to do with ungentlemanly gentleman, poorly researched peerage, a naked girl running through the woods with a fox hat on, and other shocking turns of events.


The Callipygian Sublimation – A pedantically named tale about the allure of strangers and their asses.


Ménage À Text – The story of Mark and Elise and how Mark is an asshole and sometimes that’s what Elise wants.


The Secret I Couldn’t Keep – One of my first works about people meeting from the internet and fucking even though they probably shouldn’t.

Note: Many stories have been removed from this site and from Amazon, due to various factors. If you want all of the dirtier dirty stories you can still purchase my omnibus of smut.