About Jack Stratton

Jack Stratton was born in 1976 in New York City, where he still lives. He spends half of his days writing and the other half working at a cool job that involves books and words and things.

Jack has spoken about erotic writing and the internet at Sex 2.0, Conversio Virium, three KinkForAlls, The Queer Literary Carnival, and EroticonUSA.

He has been blogging since blogging started and has been writing about sex in one form or another for over two decades. From the strange and heady days of BBSs to Usenet groups like alt.sex.stories.moderated, to blogs and eBooks, he has always been curious about how and why people write erotica online and how anonymity and community affect literature.

He is currently working on a literary fiction novel as well as erotic short stories and flash fiction.


  1. I’ve never been the kind of person who wanted to contact an author before, particularly in this genre (my own personal secret thing that I keep all to myself), but I must say more than any other visual tool or imagery or device, it’s your writing that really does it for me when I need that… satisfaction. And I think it’s because I’m also engaged as intellectually, because you’re writing on its own is very thoughtfully, beautifully done. (My microsecond as a creative writing major makes me secretly kind of snobby about the way people write and tell stories, but I try not to let that side of me out). Anyway- The dialogue and situations are believable, the characters’ personalities and appearances are surprisingly vivid and easy to picture, the S ettings feel like places you’ve been, and it’s just so simple and clean and beautifully descriptive. And you fit all that context and description in effortlessly (and sneakily!), so as a reader, you’re not interrupted by the buildup and you can just melt into the storyline, as you slink into these gorgeously vivid roles, and see everything come alive all around you. One can imagine the situation perfectly and just dissolve into this world. It’s beautiful writing, not lost on erotica (at all), but missed in other genres that I like to read in, like humor and sexy mystery and nonfiction. I would love to read you in other genres. Thank you for being a writer.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely and well thought out comment. You can see my books on Amazon for some other works, though most are in the erotica vein. I am working on a novel that is in the mystery or literary fiction genre, though it is a huge undertaking and still may be a year away.

  2. Rare to find a male author with such incite into female denied desire. Your characters and dialogue are so beautifully subtle yet hugely effective and while many erotica authors struggle with repetitive use of sexual terms there isnt a hint of this issue in your writing. Your ‘smut’ terminology is filth, sex and lust in its most satisfying sense. Well done, I’ll be reading more to see if someone has in fact told you all my fantasies.

  3. First of all, I love love loveeee your writing. Not only have you helped me realize I totally exciting and wonderfully dark side of myself, but you have also helped me find erotica that I like!
    I look forward to reading your work- I’ve poured through it all several times (I request more consentual rape and such stories though because they’re incredible and sexy and perfect the way you balance it out.)
    Just wanted to let you know I think you’re incredibly talented and also express how dissapointed I am in the guys my age because none of them know at all how to use or abuse a woman.
    Sadly not disrespected

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