Stories of the Order of Dionysus
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The Order of Dionysus is a mysterious society that gathers in secret to do perverse things. They revel in hedonism. Pleasure is their guide. This book contains nine short stories about this sex cult and their hidden meetings and plans. From those who stumble upon clues about them, to their inner workings, this books exposes some of the many secrets of this dark and alluring Order.

Writing Dirty Anthology
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A huge collection of novellas and short stories, which include many of my other available titles. This anthology is available as an ebook or as a beautiful print edition.

Writing Dirty Omnibus

One giant ebook with pretty much everything in it. Six novellas and 40+ short stories including some stories I haven’t been able to sell before because of Amazon’s content restrictions, some old old stories that are a little raw but definitely fun reads, a couple of non-erotica stories that I hope you will find charming, and a few surprises. It’s a little under 250,000 words. (Include files as PDF, Word documents, epub, mobi, and an audiobook!) All for $20 $15

That Sort of Thing
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The story of a woman named Valentine who meets a charming writer of risqué stories. As she is seduced by his words she is also confronted by the guilt of playing his taboo games. Will reality live up to the dirty fantasies?

Wake Up
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When she clicked shut the first cuff on my wrist, I raised an eyebrow. She gave me innocent eyes; I yawned. She lazily walked around the bed and pulled my other hand into the other handcuff. Then she made her way to the foot of the bed and found the rope I’d left there. I looked down, straining my neck a bit as she tried to approximate the knot I’d made around her ankles a few hours before. I wasn’t sure how accurate it was, but I couldn’t pull my legs free. – An erotic facesitting/queening tale!

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The Valet is the tale of a dedicated butler doing his best to attend to the needs of his employer’s female guest. Howards is a man who thinks of everything and assuredly attends to every need and expectation.

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Abigail is a strange girl. Pretty, genius intellect, plagued with a bevy of phobias, obsessions, and quirks. Jack is intrigued. Does curiosity and a huge vocabulary make for interesting sex?

The Wrong Smith Girl
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An emotional tale about Jack and Maggie and how they broke up, but still had to spend the weekend with her parents. Also how sisters can look a lot alike, but be completely different.

The Secret I Couldn’t Keep
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A beautiful young woman contacts a writer with a proposal, which leads to an intense secret rendezvous.

Renting a Girl from the Mall
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Mark is a bit obsessed. He keeps running into a cute, if a bit bratty, college girl named Megan in the mall. She certainly wants nothing to do with the thirty-something Mark, but when she gets into some financial trouble she finds herself in his car listening to his very interesting offer.

Renting a Girl from the Mall 2: BFFs
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After procuring the services of a beautiful nineteen year old girl, Mark is training his young paid playmate Megan on how to seduce her best friend into their kinky world.

Will Ashley be convinced to follow her best friend down the rabbit hole and into a twisted and kinky lifestyle? Will Megan be able to deal with her master’s new obsession? Will Mark be able to handle not one but two rented sex slaves?

Banged for My Pokémon: How My Pokéstop Got Me Laid
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Mark’s two college girl neighbors will do anything to get into his apartment and use the Pokéstop accessible from his bedroom. Will Mark use that to his full advantage?

This hysterical and sexy story of how a guy uses Pokémon Go to get laid is just one of five weird, funny, and ridiculously hot stories in this collection.

Ménage à Text
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the right combination of trustworthiness and meanness that let him take her to the dark places she wanted to go. But when he finds out about her new love interest will his jealousy push him too far?

Let Go
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Jack and Katie have been flirting at the office for years. When management starts downsizing, they are both unsure if they will be able to keep their jobs. As the tension builds, the two are set on a collision course.

The Barista
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Jack is obsessed with coffee. Every day he goes to the same place for his quad shot, extra dry, non-fat cappuccino. Every day he swoons over the barista.

When he meets said barista at a party she lures him to her apartment and finds a new way to keep him up all night.

Disappearing Penny
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A mysterious magician comes to the sleepy New England town of Latham. He’s looking for a new assistant for his stage act and he’s set his sights on Penny, a beautiful young redhead who works at the local paper.

Is the Astonishing Asmirac all he seems? What secrets lie in his travelling magic show? Why is Penny so drawn to the gleam of his lovely pocket watch?

Let yourself be drawn into Disappearing Penny, a erotic hypnotic novel by Jack Stratton.

Greedy Queen
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While bored in a business meeting, Henry gets a text from the woman he can’t get out of his head. The message is a shot of her thick thighs and a brief sentence informing him that she just got out of the spa, where she got waxed completely bare.

“Want to get first licks?”

What comes next is a tense tale of waiting and wanting and finally delicious satisfaction.

This story contains explicit depictions of oral sex, female domination, and facesitting/queening.

Step-Sister’s Secret


Step-Sister’s Secret is the story of Sara, an eighteen year old girl with purple hair, glasses and a dirty mind finds her step-brother’s collection of dirty stories in his room when he is away at college.When she confronts him about them and their illicit nature, the siblings are pulled into an intense whirlwind of seduction, tension, guilt and sex.