Sleepy Girls

She was such a pretty girl when she was sleeping. So soft and pliable, with her eyes closed and her defenses down. Her warm skin under soft sheets called to me and I couldn’t keep my hungry hands away.

Tiny kisses wouldn’t wake her. Neither did the careful parting of her legs. In nothing but a t-shirt, it was easy enough to push up the well worn fabric to her neck and expose everything.

Then feasting on her with my eyes was easy. All her shyness was meaningless. There was no shame, only delicious exposure. Her big tits were all mine, as was the softness of her belly. The naked vulnerable split of her pussy making my mouth water and my cock hard. read more


“I can’t say it out loud,” she said, turning a rather remarkable shade of red.

They were in his living room, relaxing on the couch as they often did on their weekly Thursday dates.

“Then how are we going to do it?” he asked, snide at first and then sitting next to her calmly, honestly curious. read more

Silence is Golden

“When I was a little girl” she said, settling into his lap, “my father had a small psychiatric practice in our house.”

It was a lazy Sunday. She wore a soft very thin summer dress with nothing under it. We were languid from breakfast. We were still new to each other and the intimacy of her closeness, her body against mine in awkward ways as she sat on my lap made me very aware of both of our bodies.

“We weren’t rich, but we had a pretty good life. Still there was no money for a proper office or daycare and mom worked, so when he had patients over, he would just tell my brother and me to go to our rooms and be very quiet.” read more


My first love was a cruel hearted girl, but that’s a story for another time.

My second was a soft and sweet thing whose heart I broke accidentally, like knocking a China cup off a table.

Her name was Sophia and she was always smiling, which was alien to my angry teenage heart. She was the first person who showed me that love could be playful and silly. read more

Shaving Lesson

To meet the husband of you lover is a strange thing. To realize he was flirting with you was quite another. Henry, poked at his eggs and smiled nervously as Adam and Kay whispered to each other, both pairs of their pretty eyes sparkling at him as they conspired.

Henry squirmed under their eyes and attention. The whole thing wasn’t going the way he had planned at all. He had expected brunch to be something formal, like meeting your girlfriend’s parents, but he should have known any man who would have the balls to marry Kay would have to be an interesting character himself.

When they asked him back to their apartment, Henry choked on his cold brew. Still, it was put so innocently, he had to say yes. read more

Seven Minutes

The walk in closet was almost completely dark. There was a shaft of light that came from under the door, which gave them just enough illumination to make out each other’s forms once their eyes adjusted.

“This is ridiculous,” he started, but then she tumbled into him.

Her body was warm, she was all curves that he’d never really felt other than hugs over the years. read more


“The other night, I was so exhausted,” she said, pulling off her long socks.

He was looking in the mirror gauging the length of his stubble, rubbing his hand across his cheek.

“I peeled off my clothes and dropped them on the floor and then you scolded me and made me pick them up,” she said, a crooked smile. read more

Scheduling Conflict

The first thing Becky noticed about the bar was how everything seemed to have an amber glow. The dark flocked damask wallpaper, the dark wood of the bar and tables, the candlelight reflecting off the mirrors behind the bar. It was a beautiful place, filled with glimmering bottles of mysterious elixirs and rows of empty leather topped stools. Becky had to imagine in a few hours the place would be packed, but it was only 5pm on a Tuesday, so they had the place to themselves.

The woman she was supposed to meet was sitting at the end of the bar, finishing a ruby colored cocktail. As she put down her empty glass, the handsome bartender in the white dress shirt and black tie and vest shook up another drink and replaced her glass with a new one, filling it and topping it with an orange peel with a flourish.

It was hard to approach someone who looked so unapproachable, but Becky had a task to complete. read more


We are adults. We are responsible. We respect each other. We are kind. We are fair. But the other morning I saw you in that little pink dress and your eyes were wide and your smile was sweet. You looked so innocent and pretty. You looked fresh and bright and happy. And I just wanted to ruin you. I wanted to break you and watch you crumble. I wanted to mark your skin. I wanted you to cry until your makeup was gone and your ego was gone and you were just a mess. And then, when you had nothing left, I wanted to use you for every disgusting thing my body hungered for. A limp wet broken toy.


Purity Ring

He held her hand in his and slipped the ring onto her finger.

“And you understood what this means, right sweetie?” He asked, putting his hand on her chin and lifting her gaze to his.

“Yes, sir,” read more