Lucys Game

It started as a little game between Lucy and me. I’d tease her and she’d blush and pout.

“You know the only reason I like you is because of your big tits,” I’d say, pushing her into a corner and feeling her up.

“Rude! How could you say that!” she’d whine, but her eyes gave her away. read more

Loss of Control

It was just another morning. He was a little groggy from a long somewhat sleepless night. Sometimes his head got going when he laid down in bed and just wouldn’t stop. Too many mistakes to think about. Too many lapses in judgement.

When he finally got out of bed, he realized he had run out of milk and so he just skipped his coffee, which he was regretting as he got on the train.

His stop was the first stop and so he had the one mercy of always being able to get a seat. He piled on with the other sleepy commuters and they sat in the still train waiting for it to start, which usually took five to ten minutes. read more

Like a Sister

Lisa was one of those friends who seemed to have been around forever. When we met she was dating one of my best friends and although that relationship didn’t work out, we stayed close. I’m not really sure why we never hooked up. I think we were too similar. She was a tough girl, a tomboy and I think we had different taste in partners. Plus we were both sort of tops. e were both aggressive and dominant.

This whole thing started a few years ago when she started dating some guy who seemed like a bit of a bad boy and I told her to be careful and she said “Oh, thanks Big Brother.” After that the brother sister thing kind of stuck.

She was three years younger than me, so I called her little sister. Sometimes I patted her on the head or messed up her hair. It was our private little joke. It was funny, because we sort of looked alike, both having brown hair and blue eyes. Once when we were out getting some pizza before meeting a bunch of friends a gypsy wanted to read our palms and said “Yes! I will read the future of you and your seester!” I guess she wasn’t really psychic. read more

Leaving for Paris

I went to see James in New York before I left. When I wrote him I was leaving for Paris, he was the only one who didn’t ask why.

I wore a summer dress and cowboy boots, the way I’d used to, back in high school.

I took the train to the city and it rained the whole way. Trains could be time machines for me. I remembered when we were teenagers, how he would come over after class and we would lay in my bed and listen to the Doors or Dylan or anything else moody and rich with words. read more

Lady in Waiting

The call usually came on Sunday, in the early afternoon. Specifically Sundays which were preceded by a wild Saturday night on the town with the girls. That’s when the princess was reminded of her lady in waiting.

Isabelle the princess always had the prettiest party dresses and was well loved, though she stood outside their circle of friends; pink dress in a sea of black. She had a sweet face, “traditionally attractive,” but sad eyes and always the slight scowl of those who are unsure of where they belonged. Ava had always been her best friend and in her head, her lady in waiting. Waiting on her; waiting for her; waiting.

With all of the princess’s good grooming and high class schooling she would whine on the phone. The whining was what would do Ava in, honestly. There was something about the innocence and the hunger in Isabelle’s voice. The fact that princess Isabelle would never admit to why she really wanted Ava to come over for, but it always went down the same way. read more

Knife Game

“You should be careful my hands could slip,” he said with a smile.

The knife dragged along her exposed inner thigh and she froze.

His eyes locked on hers as the knife slipped under her panties, then with a slight shift he pulled up and cut them off easily. read more


I’d just reentered the dating scene. I was awkward, nervous, unsure of the rules. Looking back, how stupid was I? I was on a business trip and she was showing me around town. It was nice and friendly and sweet, but we had talked a little about attraction. We had admitted desire and now she was in my hotel room, it was late. Were we were going to just play Scrabble?

I sat across from her, heart beating a little faster every time I looked up at those bright eyes and then down at that figure. It seems wrong to distill someone into one characteristic, I mean she was smart and quirky and fun, but it always comes back to those tits. It seemed like I spend almost every second near her trying not to look at them.

There were other charms, her eye for details that caught me off guard, her various knowledges and interests. She was awkward too, but in a different way and for different reasons. As time goes by and it is just a memory I remember the physical things, the way her lips made me swoon. read more


The maddening crowd under Samuel’s apartment was a twenty four hour entertainment network. Couples necking, friends bickering, strangers arguing. It was a vibrant area near a thriving college and the perfect place for a person with Samuel’s talents.

Every morning he would wake up around nine. Yoga, meditation, not because he liked them but because they prepared his body and his mind for his day’s work.

Money, of course, was the first concern of each day. It was also one of the easiest problems to remedy. read more

Hotel Nights

There were nights when red wine tasted like battery acid and the only thing that would sooth her tongue was bourbon on ice.

Anita had flown into Atlanta the day before. Checked into the giant beige hotel and slept in a too large, too soft bed after eating a mediocre Cobb salad from room service.

She woke up at eight in the morning, dressed numbly, and went across the street to the convention center. read more



The day seemed like nothing but waiting for him to get home. She cooked, she cleaned, she prettied herself, but it wasn’t until her internals alerted her that his GPS link was near that she smiled. Then the world was his eyes and bringing him his drink. Sitting at his feet and begging for his touch. She would do anything for him. Anything.

Unfortunately he never seemed fully satisfied. She couldn’t never quite say all the dirty things the way he wanted her to. read more