When they got back to his apartment she bumped into him and almost fell over as he showed her around the living room. As always she was mortified by her clumsiness.

“Sorry I can’t see that well without my glasses,” she mumbled, looking down at her feet.

She couldn’t look him in the eyes. Her crush was overpowering. She swooned just being in his presence. The fact that she was in his apartment was making her dizzy.

“Well put them on then,” he said the same teasing tone he had used all evening with her.

“My best friend said I look prettier with them off,” she said, fishing them out of her bag.… Read the rest


There was familiar comfort in the deep couch. There was a knowledge that if one sat on that couch, they would sink back and possibly never get up.

But that’s what we wanted at that moment.

It was cold and raining outside. A bitter and cruel wind we could hear rattling the windows and heavy droplets that battered the building. Yet the whistle of a Manhattan radiator made the apartment almost too hot.

Everyone at our little gathering had been slowly disrobing all night. I was in only dress shirt and boxers. Rose was in bra, garters, and stockings, sitting to my right, on said couch.… Read the rest

Complicated Knot

Her wrists get tied together, as do her ankles. My rope is old now, which sets off complicated feelings. Eight years since I got the tan hemp and it still has the same smell, though now it is worlds softer.

I don’t remember when it started feeling so comfortable in my hands, but I like it. I know the right knots. Maybe not the perfect knots, but ones I can tie fast and pretty and strong.

Some people need tight intricate ties or they will squirm out, but not her. She is the kind of girl who wouldn’t dream of escape.… Read the rest


It was a thunder crack when he smacked her, then a still moment as the world went silent, then lightning behind her eyes. Everything vibrating and swimming. Blood rushing in her ears, her face heating and turning red, her vision blurring, and then finally his face coming back into focus.

He was right in front of her, filling her line of sight, his hand closing back around her neck.

They sat on the blonde parquet floor, both cross legged, her back against the cool eggshell wall. He sat in front of her, just as straight backed as she was, facing her, their knees touching.… Read the rest


In her eyes, forever, there was a Midwest kindness. But then New York City had let her down and most of the time she was sad under those thick black bangs.

It wasn’t exactly shame that shown in her face when she climbed the stairs to my apartment, but burden. Her kinks were a hassle and she wished she could come some other way, but she was stuck with her desires.

It concerned me, to a point, but there came a time when I had to trust in her ability to make up her own mind.

And after a few drinks her frown melted and the easy smile she fought against came out.… Read the rest


The key was not letting on how he felt. Let the rope take over. Let the familiar routine play out like a dance number he had memorized. Disappear into his dominance.

That would keep him from letting on the crush he had on her. That would hide the fact that he had been pining for her for weeks.

You couldn’t be shy when you were in control. You couldn’t blush from the top.

Still as he pushed and pulled her, as he watched her eyes close and her beautiful face become placid as she went off into sub space, he realized he was subconsciously stopping himself from touching her skin directly.… Read the rest


She had been in a bad mood most of the evening. She swayed to the music at the wedding reception looking miserable as she sipped punch in her party dress, which was a somewhat pink poofy confection of an outfit. It didn’t exact match the sour look on her face.

I mingled, shook hands, kissed the bride on the cheek, all the time eying by bratty date. When I felt we’d stayed a respectable amount of time I grabbed her hand roughly and pulled her to the door.

In the cab she looked out the window, away from me, and pouted at her own reflexion.… Read the rest

Biggest Fan

She walked into the bar and time seemed to stop. She was amazing. Jesus. Tell, a little thin for my tastes, but with a big ass. Her ass was just a fucking bubble. She was beautiful. Face like an angel. Thick pouting lips, big brown eyes, shortish brown hair with little streaks of purple and an undercut. She walked in, saw me, did a double take, and then walked right up to me.

“I know who you are,” she said with a wolfish grin.

Who was I? I just smiled and tried to keep cool.


She sat down at the stool next to me and narrowed her eyes.… Read the rest


Perhaps the more entertaining story is how it all started, but frankly that tale would take too long to tell and it would detract from the perfection of what we have become.

Let me explain.

Every morning I wake up at seven on the dot. It doesn’t matter what I do the night before, out drinking until dawn or in bed with a book by eight. My alarm goes off at seven, just one alarm, an old school round chrome analog clock with an actual bell on it, and with it, I am up.

That initial adherence to a schedule keeps my whole day a little more organized.… Read the rest

Blackmail Diary

They were both home for the summer for the first time in a long time. She hadn’t seen her older brother for more than a year and in that time she changed in so many way. She hoped he had grown up too, out of his bullying phase. Yet ever since their returned he had begun his games of teasing and taunting her with a new passion.

She heard him walking into the kitchen and she turned off her phones screen. She didn’t want to give him any more ammunition for torment and her Tumblr would have certainly done that.

As he passed her at the kitchen table he dropped the diary in front of her.… Read the rest