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A Meal of You
A silly, sexy, strange little take on Alice in Wonderland. (weird/see warning)

A rather unusual morning routine involving a friendly neighbor.

Anthony Bourdain and the Naughty Chef de Partie
The ribald chef inspects his newest employee.

As He Likes It
A well dressed man is apt to use all sorts of beautiful things.

I imagine this is what is going on in every bookstore’s backroom.

An addiction to the dark bean feeds other desires.

Betty the Bruiser
A breakup, a broken lamp, a twisted ankle, a rollerderby girl.

Biggest Fan
Erotica writers are an odd bunch. I get mistaken for other people a lot.

Blackmail Diary
A brother finds his sister’s diary and uses it to his advantage. (incest, blackmail)

Bottoming to a Man
“There was something very different about the way he grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and pushed me against a wall.”

Rope can be about control. Control of the bottom and control of yourself.

A pouting girl in a party dress. (flash fiction)

Midwest girls and the complications of overthinking.

A fun date with a pretty girl and a remote controlled toy.

Carolyn Blushes
A dark fantasy about a man’s taking of his roommate’s girlfriend. (non-consent)

White lines on a chalkboard for every question she gets wrong.

Never put rope around necks, unless you have trained help. (bondage, breathplay)

Complicated Knot
When did rope become comfortable in my hands?

A couple tease a willing subject.

He’ll use anything against her, especially her crush on him. (flash fiction)

Dinner Party
Two people who share certain desires find each other at a party. (facesitting)

Why not make the most of a stuck elevator?

Eyes and Hands
Intimate moments at an orgy.

Fair is Fair
She lost a bet and the price is a few hours of him having anything he wants.

Final Meal
Sad breakup sex.

“Her skin was polaroid film. A slap like the snap of the shudder and the red outline of my hand resolved.” (flash fiction)

Following a Mouse
That shy librarian you see all the time has a whole lot of secrets.

They do the one thing they aren’t supposed to do.

Friendly Examination
She likes to keep her pussy bare and he promises to help her make sure it is.

Garter Boy
He is a helpful boy as his pretty friends leave for a party.

Girls’ Night In
Sometimes roommates are there to help each other out, under the blankets.

“Be over at 7:15. I’ll have you under my desk while I work.” (flash fiction)

She dresses up slutty and gets exactly what she is looking for. (threesome)

His Hall
“She missed his wall; his hall. That place he always threw her against when she came into his apartment.” (flash fiction)

Hotel Nights
Business trips can bring out the worst in people. (flash fiction)

Impeccable Service
At a hotel abroad, a well dressed man find the service to be one of a kind.

In the Park
The sad French musician in the park is more than happy to give lessons to sad girls.

Thank you for purchasing the latest GirlFriendBot!

Samual has a very special power, he can jump into anyone’s body and take it over.

“I’d just reentered the dating scene. I was awkward, nervous, unsure of the rules.”

Knife Game
“You should be careful my hands could slip,” he said with a smile. (flash fiction)

Knowledge Base
A Sherlock Holmes story about the detective’s vast knowledge and how his parter underestimates it.

Lady in Waiting
The story of a pillow princess.

Leaving for Paris
One last romp before she leaves.

Like a Sister
Lisa was one of those friends who was like a sister. It would be weird to mess around with her. Right?

Lips and Regret
A missed chance for a kiss. (flash fiction)

Little Bird
That thing where you visit a friend after a frustrating date and he lets you use the girl he keeps in a birdcage in his closet.

Loss of Control
WIth great psychic powers come great responsibilities. Or now. (mind control)

Lucys Game
I only like her for her big tits.

“When Margaux bent forward, nude, her thighs together, a split peach appeared between her legs.”

The girl is tied up like a puppet and made to perform.

Meeting a neighbor and making assumptions about gender.

“Come over when your date is through. Bring coffee ice cream and eat my pussy,” says the text message.

“He was never content to receive. He was never happy with just one form of stimulation.” (flash fiction)

Sometimes you don’t want to think, you just want to be a thug, standing in the corner waiting to hit someone.

Nerd Love
May the servers burn, tonight we will find love.

Netflix and Kill
Halloween and she forgot to buy candy.

Never Sir
He is specific about what he would like to be called.

New Girls
New girls only get to watch.

It is a full sentence. It is also only what you decide it means.

Sex can be slow like honey.

Two boys in a tent at Occupy Wall Street.

Old Gray Bill
The old writer down the hall has some secrets and she wants to know them.

Or Else
“She said if I didn’t do exactly what she said, she would scream.”

She would do anything for a passing grade in French.

Under my thumb, a Siamese cat of a girl. Under my thumb, she’s the sweetest, hmmm, pet in the world.

She is fine being naked, but she hates it when he makes her wear pigtails.

Purity Ring
“True love waits,” she said, though there was the hint of a question at the end. (implied incest)

Putting Things Together
She broke up with her boyfriend, so she went over someone’s house who she knew could help.

Magic is all about bargaining. Sometimes you make a bad deal and it comes back to bite you on the ass. (magic)

She is a nice girl who is down on her luck. Good thing her roommate is understanding.

“I just wanted to ruin you.” (flash fiction)

Scheduling Conflict
If you want to date me you have to schedule it with my girlfriend. She is very thorough and often accommodating.

Dumb rules and pretty belts. (flash fiction)

Seven Minutes
Have you ever played Seven Minutes in Heaven?

Sexy Cats of Halloween
One Halloween I got some sexy cats to follow me home.

Shaving Lesson
It’s a complicated thing to let another man shave your face. Even more so when you are fucking his wife.

Those summer days of youth.

Sick Girl
Things they aren’t supposed to do, words they aren’t supposed to say. (daddy/girl)

Silence is Golden
They have to be quiet. They have to hurry.

She can’t say it out loud. The game she wants to play is too bad. (incest roleplay)

Sleepy Girls
“he was such a pretty girl when she was sleeping. So soft and pliable, with her eyes closed and her defenses down.”

She couldn’t help it, the word just slipped out. (daddy/girl)

Slip of a Girl
“She fits in my arms so neatly.” (flash fiction)

Slow Summer Heat
All that sweat and humidity and waiting finally comes to a head.

Something Borrowed
She gets loaned out to her boyfriend’s friend.

Desperate girls will do anything to feed their dirty needs.

What happens when you accidentally staple a page of a dirty story you are writing to a college assignment.

Star Trek Discovery – Self Discovery
Micheal and Tilly start to figure out the details of their living arraignment.

It was such a simple command. Just stay. But all that tea and all that time, something had to give. (watersports)

“Then the game we play in bed is tied up and combined with the game in my head. ” (flash fiction)

The Boy
Pretty boys are confusing.

The Callipygian Sublimation
Her ass almost make me broke my rules.

The Order of Dionysus: The Pass
The benefits of being in a secret sex society are many and varied.

The Princess and the Unnecessarily Elaborate Hotdog
The title really says it all.

The Routine
She has her week all planned out, even when she is going to be used.

The Strand
Not everybody knows about the little erotica section at The Strand bookstore.

Two Girls Under Covers
Two girls, home from college and back to their dirty ways.

She’d do, in a pinch.

Ex lovers doing things they should do.

Watching Them
Watching his ex and his current lover flirt at a party is very confusing.

Westworld – Sub Routine
Reprograming a character to be kinkier is a two person job. (fanfiction)

(flash fiction)

When He Spanks Her
(flash fiction)

Word of Mouth
His girlfriend plays with his crush.

Writing Prompt – Artist Management

Writing Prompt – Our Stop

Writing Prompt – Spanking

Writing Prompt – Umbrella, Rain, Public Transit

Self Care Writing Prompt Marathon
40 stories I did for Black Friday.

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