Table of Contents

New Erotica

Old Gray Bill – An old writer set in his ways, a young typist very much wanting to to see what those ways are like.

Show Me – Memories of youthful forays into kink.

Stay – Sitting still is an easy task, unless you’ve had too much tea. watersports

Getting Off – A short piece about the complexity of lust.

The Sexy Cats of Halloween – The title says it all.

The Hole – A special secret club where one can enjoy the most useful parts of its patrons.


The Bet – Crooked poker, private eyes, dames, guns, and love.


Anatomy of a Spanking – Where I attempt to describe one of my most basic kinks. Spank

The Eyes and the Hand – Complicated interactions at a high class sex party.

The Shaving Lesson – Interesting things happen when you hang out in the bathroom with your lover’s husband.

Putting things Together – Sad girls and messy kisses.

Watching Them – Bemused jealousy and intractable desires.*

Staple – A student teacher and a teacher’s pet. dubious consent/spank

His Hall – Short and sad.

Final Meal – Sex and love are both things that eventually end.

Something Borrowed – Her fantasy was to be lent out to a stranger.

Impeccable Service – The amenities of certain European hotels are amazing.

Forbidden – Promises and pretty pink panties.

Faux Hunt – A virginal sacrifice in the name of tradition.* fantasy/trickery

The Boy – Pretty boys make me confused.

Wake Up – He topped her the night before, she takes control in the morning. facesitting/bondage

Tentacle Pr0n – The hot revenge of a jealous god.*

Passing – Some girls just aren’t any good at French. extortion

Umbrella, Rain, Public Transit – A three phrase prompt.

Want – Trains rides, memories, and taking what you want.

No – It is a full sentence, but only if you want it to be. consent games

In the Park – Transient liaisons.*

Lips and Regret – A short piece on lost chances.

Occupied – The boys of the revolution take comfort when they can.

Buzz – Remote controlled vibrator date.

Marionette – The artistry of puppeteering.

Choke – Never put rope around necks, unless you have trained help. bondage/breathplay

Word of Mouth – At a party, a get a taste of exactly what I wanted, kind of.

Sick Girl – Fevered kisses, broken rules, and cough syrup. daddy

Theses – Strange girls make interesting bedfellows.

Callipygian Sublimation – In the dungeon rules are sometimes all you have. bdsm

The Secret I couldn’t Keep – Younger women, complicated scenarios, intense connections.

Ménage à Text – She has a new crush and that will be used against her. spank

Following a Mouse – The start of a little mystery involving a nervous librarian.

A Meal of You – A succulent Wonderland treat.*weird/see warning

Betty the Bruiser – Breaking up with the broken.

Let Go – In the tension of an office meltdown, passions ignite.

The Date, Part 1 and Part 2 – A date goes as planned. Though that plan is rather complicated. consensual-nonconsensual

Rent – What can she do to pay her rent?

Halloween – An awkward but sexy bunny goes to a party and gets into trouble with two boys.

A Spanking – Description of my favorite passtime. spank

Nerd Love – Silly little geekout.

Our Stop – Intense cab rides are the best.

Artist Management – Those who attend to musicians must ensure their comfort.

The Strand – Bookstore musing and flirting between genres.

The Barista – He liked his coffee like he liked his women: very much.

The Wrong Smith Girl – Break up on a train. Mixing up two sisters. All in sweaty southern heat.

Backroom – I imagine this is what is going on in every bookstore’s backroom.

PetThe way she does just what she’s told

Fan Fiction

Anthony Bourdain and the Naughty Chef de Partie – The ribald chef inspects his newest employee.

Knowledge Base – Sherlock Holmes would never overlook the study of something as important as sex.

Science Fiction

The Replacement – The weirdest “Dear John” letter ever.

* = Reader supplied blurbs.

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  1. I have read every one of your stories. I can honestly say you have made me cum night after night. You’ve got sex nailed down! 😉

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