The Order of Dionysus

I am excited to announce that my new book Stories of the Order of Dionysus will be available on August 15th, 2017!
You can preorder the ebook on: Amazon – iTunes – Nook/B&N– Google Play – Kobo

The Order of Dionysus is a secret society dedicated to hedonism, perversion, and lust. Their masked orgies have been whispered about throughout history as they moved from their birthplace in Europe to the Americas, finally finding a home in New York City.

This collection contains nine stories of the Order, from strangers who stumble upon clues about them to some of the inner workings of the mysterious sex cult.

What secret pleasures lie behind the red door?
Find out on August 15th.

I’ll have a few print copies for sale at the August 15th Tableaux, so any one who can’t wait for delivery, find me!

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