Step Sister’s Secret – Part 4 – Graduation

It was Sara’s graduation. David had been dropped off at the house that morning, but hadn’t seen his step-sister yet. He drove with his parents to the little college he’d graduated from years ago. Sara had been there all day helping with the decorations and so on. Through the throng of black cap and gown clad fresh faced college kids David struggled to see his step-sister, but couldn’t find her before the ceremony began.

“She’s going to make a speech, you know. She really turned around in the last couple of years. Switched her major to Creative Writing, wrote for the news paper, even won some poetry awards,” his mother said with pride.

“I thought she was kind of unfocused the last time I visited. It sounds like she really got motivated.” David commented, still trying to find her in the crowd as they sat down.

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Step Sister’s Secret – Part 3 – Correspondence

The summer passed. Sara cried for a week, but like all 19 year olds the things that seemed like the end of the world were pretty much forgotten in a week. By the time school started again she was herself, although she did cringe if her step-brother’s name was mentioned. David lounged around the city for the rest of the summer thinking, writing and studying. Sara was going off to college in September and he likely wouldn’t see her again until some Christmas or wedding.

As for the stories, David wrote a few but didn’t post any. He made a conscious decision not to look on the newsgroups, not to look for her. That lasted about a month and then he gave in. “BeatDownLove” he typed in the search box and then just stared for a while before pressing the return key and wincing.

There were about eight stories, many of which were commented on heavily. He noticed “The Wrestling Match” was not among them. In fact none of them seemed to be about a step-brother and step-sister. He looked at the codes next to each story and saw “Mf, MF, ff, MM, MMf”… no “inc” which stood for incest. He though that he should have felt relieved, but he didn’t.

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Step Sister’s Secret – Part 2 – The Wrestling Matches

After their conversation things got better between David and his step-sister. The stories were forgotten, for while, and summer went on. David spend a lot of time getting used to having nothing to do for a while and he did a lot of swimming and driving down to the beach with his old friends. He invited Sara, too and sometimes she came along, though she was shy around David’s older friends.

Just lounging around didn’t suit David very well. He was the kind of person who needed to do things and soon he got the idea of taking a road trip with some of his friends. He packed up some things, including his laptop and drove up the coast for a getaway. It was in the hotel that he got his first email from Sara.

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Step-Sister’s Secret – Part 1 – Homecoming

Sara (with no H) sat at the attic window like a puppy waiting for its owners to come home. From outside the two-story townhouse anyone looking up would see nothing but a pair of glasses and a pair of purple pigtails peeking out of a narrow window. When the dirty white taxi pulled up to the house, those pigtails turned into a jumping, screaming, laughing monster.

David could hear the machine-gun thumping of his step-sister running down a fight of stairs just as his step-mother opened the front door of the house. His father came out first and held out his hand to shake.

“Welcome-” but the greeting was interrupted by a teenager in multicolored clothes who tackled the tall young man who had just exited the cab.

“David!” Sara shrieked. She half hugged and half sat on him as he tried in vain to hold on to his suitcases.

His father just smirked and shook his head, “call me crazy, but I think she missed you,” he said as he watched his step-daughter’s face go from pure glee to pure anger.

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